Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Remember how I mentioned that we'd had Izzy groomed. Awww.....

I love the little bow they put on her. The last time they groomed her, they were able to put bows in the hair behind her ears, it was so long, but since we had her trimmed down this time, we only had the bow on her collar.

So cute!
She looks like a little bear in that shot, I think.
And here is Jake, covered in mulch from head to toe. Which then winds up all over the house as it slowly falls out of his velcro hair...or gets pulled out, since it pokes me when he sits on my lap.


And now I'm heading off to lunch. Ta!


faithstwin said...

Bwwaaahahahahahaaa! Look at him! Dude, that is so funny but it sucks.

Izzy= sooo damned cute! My puppies kick ass at making cute babies...

Erin said...

OMG, totally a baby bear!