Thursday, May 28, 2009


I'm not in the best of moods, so I'm not reading news, or feeling funny, or anything at all. I kind of feel like bitching about something, so I'll go ahead and do that, and you feel free to jump in there if you agree or disagree or whatever...

I don't read the KC Star (which is our local newspaper, for those who aren't from here). I haven't read it since the Virginia Tech shooting incident that happened a while back, because they were assholes, and refused to take down the disturbing self-portrait of the shooter that was circulating at the time. They left it up for not just a couple of hours, like some news outlets did before they realized how insensitive they were being and took it down. Nope. They left it up for more than a day. And so I stopped reading it. Because I thought that was a seriously DICK move. I don't know how much longer they left it up on their homepage, because I honestly didn't go back there after that day. Fuck that shit.

Anyway, I haven't ever ordered more than just a Sunday paper to be delivered to my house, and that was before the internet became a mainstay in the news world, and I became an online reader, making any kind of subscription obsolete and unneccessary. I ignore subscription offers sent to my home, and I really don't appreciate soliciters of any kind at my house, but particularly Star salespeople.

Earlier this week, there was a relatively scummy-looking dude wandering from house to house on our street at about 7 p.m. He was zig-zagging from property to property, and we finally figured out that he was looking to sell something. We prepared accordingly...we don't like having people even approach the house because the dogs lose their shit so easily when it comes to people passing by - even on the sidewalk 25 feet away. So Leo waited until he saw him coming up our driveway, at which point he opened the front door and called out that we weren't interested in whatever it was he was selling. This dude put his cigarette out in our lawn and then came CLOSER to the front door. Izzy and Jake were both jumping at the window by then, and I was yelling from my position on the couch about how we just wanted him to please go away.

This did not endear me more to the Star. If this is the kind of salesperson they're hiring to try to get people to subscribe to their paper, they are doing it ALL WRONG. Asshats...


Hound Doggy said...

In other Star "news". There were people that lived in a house and they subscribed to the paper. They moved and another woman lived in that house and did not subscribe to the paper...but it was still being thrown. She called and called to cancel...but was still thrown (for years). Then my parents moved into said house...they did not subscribe...they called to cancel...but it was still thrown.

Every day.....for more years.

I have a friend that lives across town and her neighbor has the same problem.

It is my opinion that this boosts the subscriber numbers so the advertisers have to pay more money.

It's always about $$$$$$$
Everything is always about $$$$$$

Faith said...

That is fucking CRAZY. Seems like quite a waste to me.

I tried to cancel the food section they used to throw on my driveway every Wednesday when I moved in. I called and told them that I wasn't going to be subscribing, and it must've been the previous owners that did. They told me it was a free service. I said, "Ok, but I don't want it...I read everything online. Please stop delivering it." They insisted that since it was free, it was no skin off anyone's back. Um, you know, except for those of us that had to recycle the paper they didn't want in the first place! I continued to get it until they stopped providing it to everyone a couple of years ago.