Monday, June 29, 2009


1. I have had Michael Jackson songs stuck in my head since he died. Which was, what, 4 days ago now? It's getting old, tiresome, and really, really annoying. (There was a sweet hour yesterday when I had Even Flow stuck in my head instead of any Michael Jackson songs. It was a nice time.)

2. I want to take advantage of the 32 month no payment/no interest deal that Nebraska Furniture Mart is having right now, so we can buy a new fridge and a stove. But we don't really need the additional debt, or the new appliances. We just want the new appliances. We talked about it for two days before deciding it would be stupid, and moved on. ::sigh::

3. I've been looking at houses on Reece & Nichols for the last hour. Why? I. Don't. Know.

4. I feel bad that I have nothing else to write about. But instead of just rambling aimlessly about nothing, I figure it's best for everyone if I just let it go and stop trying to come up with something interesting to post about. I just am not that interesting of a person, dammit.


Donna said...

I don't KNOW any Michael Jackson songs, so there are none stuck in my head.

I have no intention of moving, but I look at at least once a week to see what's for sale in my area. Why? I dunno.

Jill said...

Confession: I think lima beans are a totally pointless food.

faithstwin said...

One out of every 5 people at Disneyland yesterday were wearing Michael Jackson shirts of some kind or another. He had a LOT of fans.

I love looking for houses- recently after driving past a house that looked like it was in foreclosure I contacted the agent to ask the status and he won't leave me alone now. It isn't in foreclosure yet but it is up for 'short sale'.

emawkc said...

It is a good time to buy a house as an investment. Maybe you can get Nebraska Furniture Mart to help you finance a second home.