Monday, June 22, 2009

Editorial: Based on nothing at all. I swear. Nothing.

Just a random question for those out there who like to bitch about certain things on their blogs, or who actually go to certain blogs ::eh-eh-em:: to read someone else’s bitching about certain things: Do you take that shit to heart? Or do you see it as someone basically popping off about something in order to get some frustration off their chest, much like you might do when you unload on your spouse/parents/roommates when you go home from work/school/whatever at the end of the day?

I write a LOT of nasty things on this blog. Nasty things about moms I run across that like to beat subservience into their children; or about local television stations that make (IMO) bad programming decisions; or about photographers looking for skinny brides to take pictures of to boost their online portfolios, etc, etc, eeeettttcccccc….

And dude…that was just last week alone. Let’s not even go into the last 5 years, mkay? Because that’s a can o’ whoop-ass you don’t want to unload on yourself right now, I’m sure.

That’s what I “use” this space for, though. To get my head clear. To chat about the things that are bothering me, so others can join in and chat, too, or so they can be inspired to go back to their own blogs/websites and write about shit they need to talk about to get it off their chest. It helps me keep from seething…keep from thinking about it…so that I can enjoy the commiseration, if there is any (which I did find with that mom who likes to beat her children in the name of Jesus, that’s for sure!) and move on with life and stuff. It’s nice.

I don’t censor what I feel like writing about, because I don’t feel I have anyone to answer to. I write under a pseudonym to keep myself safe on the net, but most people who know me in real life know my real name, and I have no problem with that. The pseudonym was born from a Real Life Stalking experience that occurred yeeaaarrrsss ago, and of which I’m not immensely proud (I was the one doing the stalking…hahahahaeh-em…), but it was easy to transition into this Person Who Might Not Actually Exist thanks to the existence of Faith Smith, not gonna lie.

And yeah, much of what Faith writes about is something she’s complaining about. Because that’s what she does. It’s what she’s ALWAYS done. It can be assured that complaining might have been something that was taught to Faith and The Twin while still in the womb, because they are so damned good at it. Who knows…maybe it’s because we were born last in the family, or something. Or maybe it’s because we were “spoiled” as our older siblings liked to tell us all the time when we were growing up (oh - maybe they were…complaining about it? Ahaaaa!). I dunno. All I know is that even in my current job, where I have very little to complain about aside from the water pressure in the sinks in the restroom, and the fact that I haven’t received a salary increase in my almost-three-years with the company, I’m still somehow known and teased for being a complainer. (I told my coworkers that if they don’t like my complaining now, they should have known me when I was BITCHY, too! They all got very frightened looks on their faces, and I knew at that moment that they understood they had it lucky.) So it’s just ingrained in me, is my point. If I didn’t complain here on my blog, I would literally explode on people in public. Those idiots allowing their children to use the aisles at the local Walmart Grocery as a playground? The people cutting me off from behind as though I have anything to do with the dipshit in front of me that’s going slower than the speed limit? The fucking BIRDS in my YARD that think that chirping their fool heads off at 5:30 a.m. is FUN for everyone? Yeah, they’d all be toast. Every last one of ‘em. And then I’d be in jail, and I’d be all unhappy, and I don’t want that, srsly. I don’t think anyone would.

That’s what blogs are for. And for those of you out there who were unaware of that? Well, hopefully you know after this that no harm can come from a blog. They’re just words. Words that need to be put out there so that the person thinking them can move on, and feel better about their day, and not sit and seethe over whatever particular bothersome notion might be assailing their brain that day.

And with that said, can I just mention something that has been driving me BATTY lately? One of my cube neighbors has this habit of going to meetings, and leaving his phone at his desk. And the ring-tone…it is annoying on its own. But when someone leaves a message? Ugh. It plays a repeated tone over, and over, and over, and OVER. ::gritting teeth trying to keep head from spinning:: Like those birds I hate to hear at 5:30 a.m., your fucking annoying phone message reminder makes me want to put a hatchet through your phone as it rests on your desk! Either TAKE the fucking thing with you to the meeting, or put it on SILENT, goddammit!



faithstwin said...

Thank you.


I wish I could print this out. I just might for everyone on my last day.

Faith said...

I'm glad it's ok with you that I wrote it. I wish I could be there, dude! Call me anytime you need me. I don't care if you just wanna cry and be mad. That's cool.

Erin said...

When that happened to me at work, I told the guy I'd show him how to put his phone on vibrate.

Nuke said...

I agree that blogging is a way to blow off steam. It's a good relief valve. But at the same time while we are often victims of our own hyperbole, there is a germ of truth to most posts.

Some people have thin skins and should stay off the internet. Because I am bad mouthing (insert type of person who pissed me off today) and that general classification includes you, it is NOT personal on my part. If I am writing about a distinct individual, I am pretty sure that I did not mean the phrase "feed him to the chipper shredder" as my actual intent.

Unfortunately the personal disconnect afforded by inline communication will continue to blow things for the foreseeable future.

As for the phone guy... turn it off off him every time he walks away.

Faith said...

See, that's what I'm talking about, Nuke. While I might say I would love to slingshot stones at all the birds in my yard, and take a hatchet to the cube neighbor's phone, there's very little likelihood that it would ever occur. First of all, they have a "no guns" rule at my work, and I'm pretty sure that applies to all weaponry, including hatchets, even though they don't say that specifically in the little signs they have up. So I leave mine at home. (If that coworker ever comes over, he should watch out, though!)

Also, as much as it might seem like it to some people, I'm not batshit crazy. That's an important nugget of info to remember when it comes to reading the shit I'm spouting on a regular basis, you know?