Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Oh, the ire...the IRE!!!

I don't know if it's because I got less sleep than I would have liked to have gotten last night, thanks to the very loud storms we had off and on in the area. Or if the universe is just pissed at me, and wants to annoy me for some reason. But this morning kinda sucked.

First of all, the local ABC affiliate news program (First News) decided that the random damage that happened in a town called Drexel in MO last night required their full attention past their regular broadcast hours. Here's the deal: this particular news station thinks highly enough of itself to have extended broadcasts every day until 9 on a different local channel, anyway. So at 7 a.m. each weekday, on the regular ABC channel, it usually switches over to Good Morning America, which works for me because I like watching national/international news while I finish getting ready, and before I head out the door at about 7:30.

But if people want more local news to be repeated over and over and over again, or they wake up late, and are just seeing it for the first time starting at 7 a.m., then they can switch over to a different channel, and watch continued local coverage from the local ABC affiliate from 7 until 9.

So this morning, when they decided to continue with the coverage on Drexel, which has a total of 1100 residents, mind you, and it was determined that all of them were ok after the storms moved through last night anyway, I didn't really understand. I was pissed, and wanted to watch GMA, goddammit. So I switched to ::shudder:: NBC, and then I sent an email via my Blackberry to the station to let them know I thought they were being dopey. "All due respect to the folks in Drexel, but the storm damage that occurred there over night isn't too interesting to me after the initial reports about the straight-line wind damage, and hearing the fact that everyone in town appears to be ok. If it was, I could switch over to KCWE to watch continued coverage.

But I, for one, am interested in national news now, thanks. I'd like to watch Good Morning America. This continued coverage on KMBC is unneccessary and excessive. Thanks for basically forcing me to switch to NBC. Ugh."

I immediately received an Out of Office reply from the person who apparently receives emails from viewers. Awesome. So I went ahead and called the station instead. The kid I talked to sounded really concerned about losing viewers due to their decision to focus on Drexel being knocked about a bit by straight-line winds last night, during which no one died. [/sarcasm] Yep. Thanks a bunch, KMBC. You guys are faaaabulous. (He was nice, and all, I guess. And I was even really toned down on the bitch-meter! Believe me, I was downright pleasant. No cussing, or anything. But his response of, "Ok, I'll let them know..." just didn't do it for me, dammit. Hence the reason for this post. I feel a bit better now, really...)

And then, to top things off, on the last stretch of my drive into work, I was stuck behind a person who thought they needed to stop like they were at a stop light/stop sign at every intersection, even though they had a green light, and then they did have a stop sign, but whatever...they stopped for like 10 seconds even though no one else was at the intersection, and then they stopped at the yield sign even though, again, no one was there to yield to, and then they full-on stopped at the next intersection that we were both turning right at even though THERE WASN'T A FUCKING STOP SIGN! Gah! Learn to drive!!!

I'm hoping the day gets better. It's feeling like it is. So we'll see...


Layla said...
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Layla said...

Hey, you should watch NBC anyway! ;)

Faith said...

But I can't! They're too damned liberal. :P

Srsly, though, I grew up with ABC. It'd be like switching to Sanka from regular coffee, you know? It's just not the same.

Layla said...

LOL... and here I thought you'd say "And YOU should be on Sprint" ;)

Nuke said...

Local news stations are SO hung up on the weather that if Thor (Viking weather God) showed up Katie Horner would probably felate him.

OK, maybe not that bad. They all DO go overboard tho.