Monday, June 15, 2009

Oops. My bad.

Note to self: June has a tendency to be a swamp-assy kind of month in Kansas. Since you always have your annual gynecology exam in June, it is important to remember that swamp-assy issue, and schedule it accordingly.

A 4:15 p.m. appointment on a 72% humidity, 80 degree day is probably a bad idea.

Note to nurse practitioner: I'm so sorry. I hope my vag isn't the worst one you have to look at today. A thousand apologies if it is!


emawkc said...

Just think how bad the 4:45 vag was.

Faith said...

Good call. I'm totally going to say that if she protests about my vag while I'm in the stirrups!

faithstwin said...

It wouldn't matter if I scheduled mine mid December in the Antarctic I would still be a sweaty mess. I HATE that!