Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Quick note...

I just love that little Kim Jong Il guy in North Korea. He's so kooky! I was just reading the latest article on MSN about how he's named his youngest son as the chief of spies, or some shit, for the country (because giving him a title that 12 year olds would make up as they play in their parents' basement is cool!).

I saw the story earlier this morning at the gym, but it was on Fox & Friends, and therefore did not hold my attention well, as those people make me want to hang myself with the safety string on the treadmill, so all of my energy goes towards not doing that while I'm there and trapped with those dipshits in my line of vision during cardio.

As I read the story, I couldn't help but think the same thing I thought about earlier when I saw it: what about his older sons? Why were they passed up for this position? Are they not crazy enough? Are they too fucking normal?

And I got my answer in the final paragraphs of the article. Apparently, his oldest son fucked up when he was caught trying to escape to Disney in Japan 8 years ago. ::snort!::

And according to a source otherwise known as the former sushi chef for Jong Il, the middle son is considered too effeminate to be able to be the head spy, much less the possible future leader of the country!

And that, my friends, makes me laugh. Because they is ka-RAZY in North Korea. (I know, I if you weren't already aware.) There just isn't any other way to put it. Fucking. Nutso.

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Kim Jong Il said...

Your intel is faulty American! My third son was named Head of Spies because as a child he would oft hide in small spaces and collect information for me regarding the goings-on of the house mice. He informed me of the mice's great plan to steal all of my underwear and forever gained my trust.