Tuesday, June 09, 2009

That sounds like a bad plan, but what do I know?

So I was making the rounds on the local Craig's List yesterday during a particularly boring Monday afternoon...I had initially gone out there to look at the restaurant jobs available, to see if anything interesting had popped up that might be fun for Leo to look at. I wound up looking in the "talent gigs" to see if there were any random voice over ads up, and found this instead:

"Professionally trained, female photographer seeks attractive women under 180 lbs. for creative bridal shoots to build her photography portfolio. Shoots will be on location, which means, you can't be worried about getting your dress a little dirty. This is probably best suited for a post-wedding bride who was disappointed with her pictures or couldn't afford exclusive bridal pictures at the time. Or a gal who just wants to wear her wedding dress and be a diva again for a day! These will be very creative, professional quality images you can keep. I can't provide $, but will give 1 8x10 print of your choice and a CD of selected images for your personal use. YOU MUST SIGN A MODEL RELEASE. Please send me a snapshot of yourself."
[Bolded section was my emphasis...]

First of all, if I could still fit into my wedding dress, I'd totally submit myself in a serious way and see what this chick would do. But I don't...I've gained a good 15 pounds since the wedding, and getting into that dress would be a miracle right now.

But I weighed 184 on my wedding day. And didn't I look HEINOUS??? ::gasp!!:: Look away for your own good, goddammit! SAVE YOURSELVES!
I hate that I had to do that to you guys, really.

::exasperated sigh::

So I've been discussing this with my friends, because sometimes I behave with what I call a "reverse fat-prejudice" in my life, and I get all offended at what might seem perfectly reasonable to lots of people.

But it turns out that the majority of my friends agree with me. One of them putting it succinctly and very wisely saying, "A talented photog is going to make ANY woman look beautiful." Which I fully agree with, and now I wanna respond to this ad as such.

What do you guys think? Because I get that this chick wants to have a nice portfolio...I really do. But like I said to my friends, "...personally? As a plus-sized girl/bride/what have you? I want to see diversity in someone's portfolio when I'm checking them out. When I see nothing but thin, obviously pretty people, I take issue with it." Maybe that's just me, though...


faithstwin said...

I say you contact her. You can be VERY diplomatic, IMO, where most people (read: me) would respond with a 'WTF? You're an idiot.' email. Post all for us to see, please...

Faith said...

I have to say, there's a part of me that just wishes she would stumble across this post, see (hopefully) the subsequent conversation it creates in the comments, and learns a fucking lesson, you know?

We'll see. I'm still thinking about sending her a note.

Erin said...

omg, you piss me off so much when you complain about your wedding pics! You looked amazing. Your makeup looked good. Yes, I wear the makeup of a tranny on a normal day, but sweet jesus, trust me, you look amazing! Damnit Faith!

faithstwin said...

Erin: sarcasm lost in translation- happens to me allll the time.

Faith was kidding. She thinks she looks awesome for someone who weighed 4 lbs over what this photog is looking for in her ad.

I made fun of someone who wrote a big long thing once and she came back at me saying, "It was all tongue in cheek," and I was all, "OOOOHHHHHhhhh...oops!"

Faith said...

Ok, while I usually do make fun of my hot mess of a makeup job that day, this time I wasn't, actually. I was being sarcastic there, because I actually think that one photo of me isn't all that bad - probly because its in B&W. :D (I was trying to make the point that the photog should be able to make EVERYONE look good, regardless of size, height, dress, or tranny hooker makeup.)

I wish I could use other photos to illustrate what I mean, but then I'd have to get permission from the people who either took them or were in them, and my laziness is beyond that today, I'm afraid, so I just stuck with my own.

You get me? ;)

Faith said...

Aaaand, the twin and I commented at virtually the same time. Oops! Yeah, what she said. :D

faithstwin said...

Twin thing.

B, Esq. said...

Email the photo lady your original wedding photo, and tell her that you are a willing model, and the art is in her photography.

Why pick a fight with a stranger?
Just get the free shizzle!
She promises a CD of new professional photos..........maybe tell her you don't want the 8x10 (because do you really need a pic of you in your wedding dress on your not wedding day?), but instead you want her to do a couple of candids of you and your hubby or you and your cat or something and put those on the CD too. (I'm a bigger girl too, so don't think I don't get it about being completely offended about the size limit. check my blog if you don't believe me.) But hey, free professional photos! Do it!