Monday, July 06, 2009

AW Monday

Hope everyone had a good weekend. We saw fireworks and friends and drank heartily all the livelong day, so ours was good.

I'm in a sharing mood today, so I'm posting videos. This first one is one I felt compelled to take when I was stuck behind a driver who was managing to ride their brakes as they was crazy. Crazier than me taking a video to document the nuttiness? You decide.

The second one is of me singing along in the car with Edie Brickell's "I Do". It was a rainy day, on my way home from work. And I couldn't help but add a little commentary on someone's driving skills at about minute marker 1:09. If you choose to listen, just notice the smooth transition between the singing and said commentary. ::points at self:: Talent, my friends. ::winks::


emawkc said...

I'm guessing she left her parking break on. I say "she" because it was obviously a woman driver.

Anonymous said...

Guess again...your parking break does not connect to your break lights. Having the parking break engaged will not cause the break lights to be on.

Most likely, this was a "two-footed" driver, one foot on the accelerator and one foot on the break...dangerous and damaging in multiple ways.

Anonymous said...

^^Repeat after me.

"Break" is the act of destroying something.

"Brake" is the device that stops your car.

"If you do not use your brakes in time, you will break every bone in your body against that tree."

Faith said...

Hahahaha! It's been a while since an Anonymous comment has made me laugh. Good job, Anony.

Plus, the brake wasn't on the entire time she was driving, so it couldn't have been anything other than her foot hitting the actual peddle, really. Just a stupid driver, pure and simple. (My dad used to switch from driving a manual car to an automatic car on regular basis when I was little, and tended to use both feet when driving in the auto transmission car just out of habit. So I get that it can be hard for some people, but this woman seemed on the ridiculous side of it, IMO. Maybe it's just me being judgy. ::shrugs:: What's new, though?)

Faith said...

Wait...pedal? Peddle? Yeah, pedal. Oops!