Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I'm slow in posting lately because my brain is too full of a bunch of personal crap, and I really don't have much to talk about outside of it, and I can't really discuss the personal crap without sounding like a horrid bitch, which is so not my intention, so I just keep it buried inside, like all the "healthy" people do. I DO have inane, little, minutely interesting to no one other than me (and not even me, most of the time, to be honest) tid bits of everyday life that I really don't think are worth posting. Such as:

- I went to Old Navy today in a search for a replacement skirt for one that I ordered online a week and a half ago. I looove the skirt, but it's just too fucking huge, and I need the next size down. They didn't have it at the store I went to, but they did have a ton of cute, new clothes I wanted to buy. It was hard to not walk out of there with armfulls of stuff. But I have to say that since my last two purchases to replace all the old, falling apart clothing in my closet, I haven't had one morning where I didn't know what to wear. Until I have another morning like that, I'm not buying anything new, dammit.

- It's been suggested by a friend that I try fiber supplements for the IBS-type symptoms I've been having. I'm ready to try anything at this point. I'm so goddammed uncomfy all the time, it's ridiculous.

- Our landscaper's wife is on bedrest, and due to have their second child, I think, at the end of July. This is, for some unknown reason, keeping him from being able to do his job to the fullest capacity. Nothing against him or his wife - they're awesome people, and I'm really glad he's our yard guy. But we really, really need a solution to a drainage problem in our backyard, and he was supposed to give us a quote for it 2 weeks ago. It's not like HE is on bedrest, for cryin' out loud! But when Leo called him to follow up the week after we were supposed to get our quote, that was the excuse he gave him for not having checked it out yet. See this is why babies are evil. You people need to stop having babies, because it really fucks with other peoples' lives, ok?*

- My stomach hurts. Think M&M's would help?

Yeah, see, I'm searching my brain for anything else that might even be remotely ok to post about, and I'm coming up empty. Let's just hope this is a slow week, and move on, shall we?

*I don't really mean it. The reason people need to stop having babies is because they're annoying and whiny and have a tendency to shit their pants, which can really smell gross. I don't know how you people stand that kind of behavior, honestly...


Jill Pilgrim said...

Babies are so evil. And, yes, you should eat some M&Ms.

faithstwin said...

I know I owe you that last $390! I swear: the minute I sell the van you will see that cash in your account. Sorry dude.

Could the bluesy mood be caused by the headache meds? I mean not CAUSED, but enhance your inability to look to the positive? Like today while at Borders with Sis-in-law and nephews some chick looked right at me and asked if youngest nephew was my baby? Her daughter had (eh hem) shit her pants and the Mom was looking for a spare diaper. I thought, "Well, I guess I DO look like the one who recently gave birth in the past 2 years..."

Still. Kinda sucked.

Faith said...

Jill, I ate around 10 of them, and they were delicious. (I waited until my stomach ache was gone, though. I just thought that wa a good idea.)

Twin, you're down to $290 now! And while I'd happily take any additional amounts you want to give me, you know, because you think I'm pretty, or for hush money, or something, that'd be fine. I'd feel bad about it, I'd think, if it was in cash form. Sephora gift cards are always nice, though...

Anonymous said...