Monday, July 06, 2009

BofA can SUCK IT.

Bah. I hate money!

I'm carrying a little bit of debt right now. It was unavoidable, really...the construction last year pretty well ate my savings WHOLE, and purchases still needed to be made, and it got more out of hand than I would have wanted, but hey...learning experiences, all of 'em, right? (Gah.)

It's not terrible. I mean, it's mildly uncomfortable, but I'm still able to (a) make payments significantly higher than the minimum due on a monthly basis, (b) make payments on time, and (c) still afford all the rest of the household bills. Life isn't fabulous, but it's not all together awful, by any means.

So today I look at my interest rate on my credit card, because a few months back they warned me that it might be a'changin', and sho nuff! It did. It went up 5% (!!!), and I thought that the least I could do was call and see if they might take into account the fact that I've been with them for-fucking-ever, and I've been a really good customer all that time, too! So please? Won't you give me some leeway, oh mighty powers that be at Bank of America's (Platinum, no less) credit department.

Um, NO!

Dammit. Assholes told me to get the payments above the $1,000 range on a monthly basis, and ditch some of the other revolving credit I'm carrying*, and then in 6 months, I can call back again and maybe they'll reconsider. And, oh yeah, they lowered my credit line a few THOUSAND dollars as well.

This is the first time I've been basically slapped in the face for being a decent customer in my entire life, and I can tell you with all kinds of certainty, it hurts a lil' bit.

I did get the woman to admit that if I call back after a couple of months, they would review it and reconsider. "No guarantees" she said. I said, "But it's a possibility, right?" She didn't say no, so I'm gonna call again after I pay down the other credit I owe in September.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, money is evil. Bah!

*I carry a "revolving" credit debt on my Home Depot account right now, because I had two different purchases made that apply to their no interest/no payment promotions that will be coming due in September and January, respectively. I tried explaining that I take advantage of those kinds of deals so I can put money into my savings account instead of paying them off when I can, so I can earn interest on the money prior to paying it, but the credit department lady didn't give a flying shit. I've actually considered just paying off the Home Depot card immediately a couple of times over the last couple of weeks, because, well, I kinda hate it hanging over my head. And now I have even MORE reason to hate it. So maybe I should, eh? My logic used to work before I owed so much to BofA. But I guess they really hate it when you carry more than $10,000 in debt with them. Oops! My mistake...won't happen again. (Assholes...)


Catherine VandeVelde said...

That is indeed a bummer. It seems like all the banks/credit card companies are doing that now: raising interest rates while also lowering the limit--likely putting a hit on one's credit score. Don't you just love how we-the-people are "bailing" out these companies and they continue to nail us? I'm also especially delighted in how we bought a much smaller house, well below what we were allowed--you know, being "smart" with our money. And, now I feel like we'll be stuck there forever because of housing prices ... and we get to pay a higher interest rate (we did a "smart" old-fashioned mortgage), while people who "need help," are getting to refinance at very, very low rates (like under 3% ... according to NPR) so that they can stay in their homes.

Wow, now I know how good it feels to vent! :)

Faith said...

Under 3%!? Wow. I sure do feel like, as a homeowner who bought several years before this economic meltdown occurred, I'm getting the shorter end of the stick. Yeah, I was able to refi into a pretty decent rate thanks to my credit standing, but I sure wish I could get an extra $8,000 to help with the bills! Too bad I'm not a first time buyer. Dammit.

And I agree with you wholeheartedly on the comment about us getting nailed by the companies we're bailing out. I feel like I'm being punished...and I didn't even do anything wrong!

faithstwin said...

Do NOOOTTT get me started on BoffuckingA. Brother suggests I write a letter threatening legal action if they don't provide me with exactly what the deal is I entered in with them and where I signed/verbally agreed to what they suckered me into.

Credit sucks ass and now I see on MSN the article about credit card delinquencies on a steep increase. Yeah, no duh!

Remember when BofA upped my interest (they actually doubled mine from 11% to 22%) and I called and asked them the same thing: I've been a loyal and GREAT custyomer: charging and paying and even having to pay a good amount of interest on some large balances in the past) and they couldn;t have cared less. In fact, they cared so little the option I asked for as a solution ended up being fraud!


Faith said...

Indeed, Twin. And I'm with our brother on that one. The way they have dealt with you is disgusting to me. Fucking revolting, even. I'm really considering finding a whole new bank (small and local, probably) after I pay down my debt to them over the next few months.

Anonymous said... has a BofA horror story every other day. Definitely ditch the pricks at BofA.