Friday, July 24, 2009


Leo works with a guy who is so off-kilterly homophobic, that he didn't want to watch the episode of Top Chef Masters that was on this week. Why didn't he want to watch it? Because Art Smith was one of the contestants.

I love Art Smith. I love his teddy bearness, I love his attitude, I love that he teared up at the end when he won...I just fucking love the guy, ok? He seems awesome.

Also, the guy is insanely successful. He seems like one of those bosses you'd love to have. He seems like someone you'd love to have cooking for ya, too. Instead of sounding like an errogant douchebag like some chefs make it sound when they drop names, when he boasts about the people he's been lucky enough to cook a meal for, it sounds like he's just proud of himself. And that makes me feel proud for him, too.

Anyway, back to this douchebag that Leo works with. When I heard that he was all pissy about even just watching the show because Art Smith was on it, I was all, "You know, I wanted him to win anyway, but now I want him to win even more, just to piss [coworker] off." At the end of the show when Art took the prize by a virtual landslide of stars, Leo and I high fived.

And today at work, that douchebag coworker was railing about how he couldn't believe Art Smith had won. Hahahahaha! In your FACE, intollerant biggot asshole coworker! :P:P:P:P

Little side story here: He actually told Leo once that if he gave him 3 weeks, he could "cure" him of being so tolerant of homosexuality. That was when Leo told him it might be best if they only talked about sports from then on, because discussions about religion and politics made him want to punch him in the throat*. And made his wife want to learn how to perform the perfect roundhouse kick to the head, just so she could do it to the coworker if she ever saw him**. It's funny, actually, that Leo even brought him up last night, because all talk about the asshole coworker was banned from the Smith household a while back, as hearing the ridiculous spew that regularly came forth from this dude's mouth fired me up so much, I think it was causing heart damage.

Just curious: how do you handle intollerant behavior/discussion from people you come into contact with? Do you entertain it with an attempt to talk about your own opinion on the matter? Do you shut it down and make it clear that it's not ok kind of talk around you? Do you have dreams of kicking the intollerance out of the individual via swift kicks to their groinal region?

*Ok, he didn't really say this to his coworker.
**But I do really say this to Leo on a regular basis. That coworker had better watch his ass should we ever be introduced.


faithstwin said...

Well, to answer your question: I happened to work with an intolerant, retarded, stupid, racist, hypocritical cunt recently and I disagreed with her in a regular basis. NOT because I thought she was wrong to have an opinion but because I disagreed with what she said and thought she should know just because she thinks she is so fucking awesome didn't mean everybody ELSE felt that way, too- and it extended to her opinions. Unfortunately, by allowing this idiot to know I disagreed with her I became her Hate Campaign which means she must destroy my life on purpose because she can't handle when someone disagrees with her opinion and actually voices that TO HER.

I can't understand how people like this walk the earth.

And I hope that retard reads this blog to see if I ever talk about her BECAUSE I DO AND IT IS NEVER COMPLIMENTARY YOU FUCKING MORON!!!

Faith said...

Yeah, I don't know how people can stand to be in the same room with people like that. I mean, is it really that fun to be so openly ignorant? How can they live with themselves treating/thinking about people in such a manner? It's truly mind-boggling.

Jill Pilgrim said...

Well Faith, as you well know, I'm not exactly shy and I have a pretty hard time holding my tongue when someone is being an asshole. So generally, when someone says something offensive to me, I throw a large object as them while screaming, "ASSHOLE!" Its a pretty effective method.

I think Leo's co-worker may be in need of some of that.

Nuke said...

What I do in regards to bigotry depends on my depth of relationship with the person.

Somebody in line at the QT I will blow off. But I have spoken to my mother and brother that I don't agree with their outlooks (homosexuality and religion respectively). I stop short at yelling matches because those achieve nothing.

On a related note, my GF is a fag-hag. She loves her some gays and is delighted that I am so NOT like her homophobic denial ridden ex. Anyway, recently we had lunch with her parents at a local chain and had a very sweet young man for our waiter. The part that tickled Lilly was that while he was nice to everybody he was obviously fawning over not only me, but the other two bigger facial hair sporting men in the dining area. He was really looking for a Papa Bear. Gotta say I left him a nice tip, if no phone #.

faithstwin said...

lol Nuke- that cracks me up! "Papa Bear". Classic.