Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Delicious & Cheap Suggestions

I'm a fan of the local food blog Fat City, published over on the Pitch's website. What can I say...a blog that posts multiple posts per day about food, wine, and beer happenings both near and far? I'm in, baby!

Anyway at the end of the week before last, Owen posted a little blurb about an event that was going on on Sunday, June 28th wherein a few local chefs were competing in an event for Harvesters by creating meals from canned items. I, being a fan of many canned items myself, thought one of the recipes published looked like a fun one to try. It's a summer stew of artichoke hearts, cannellini beans, and Italian turkey sausage with a tomato broth and parmesan from Chef Colby Garrelts of Bluestem.

Dude...canned artichoke hearts, beans, and turkey sausage? Yes, please! Throw in the tomato broth, and I'm in dinner heaven, I'm telling you.

We actually had some leftover turkey sausage in the freezer from the last time we cooked with it, so I was already ahead of the game there. The recipe calls for a full pound of it, but we only had two links leftover, and it wound up being plenty, IMO. It would have been wonderful to have more, but in my fat ass's case, less is better in the long run, so we went with that.

So we bought a can of stewed tomatoes, tomato sauce, cannellini beans, and I threw in two cans of artichoke hearts because I love them so much, and for a total of about, oh, $10 (just guessing at what the two links of turkey sausage would come to, if I'd had to buy them for the recipe), we had a tasty, simple, very filling meal, thanks to the recipe being shared! (Given, we have a shit ton of basil in our herb garden this year, so that was free. And we already had the garlic and olive oil and parmesan, so I'm not adding that into the cost of the food either. But for the portion used in the recipe, it'd literally be a matter of a few additional pennies...)

I can say that I wish I'd used chicken broth or white wine instead of water where it was called for in the stew. And my tomato "broth" came out more saucy than brothy, so I'm not sure what happened there, although it was still really delicious. Leo liked the meal, too, but he felt it would be even better if served with pasta of some sort, so we might try that next time, too.

Four thumbs up, though, from this couple, Chef Garrelts. You'd think such a simple recipe would be easy for people to come up with on their own, but speaking for myself, I needed the help. I'm grateful! (And thanks for linking to it, Owen!) The recipe made 4 servings in total, and I actually cooked it up the day before eating it, so it would be easier to just heat up and eat when we were ready for it on Sunday night...and I swear it only got better after sitting in the fridge. I had another portion for breakfast this morning. YUM!


Jill said...

Oh, that actually sounds awesome! If only I cooked...

Owen said...

Glad to be of assistance. I printed out Ted's and Colby's recipes myself because like you, I thought damn I have most of these ingredients and this sounds right up my alley.

I Have yet to make it but after reading your account I'm more inspired to than I was even before.

jason said...

Just made it for dinner - delicious! Chef Gold's is on the docket for tomorrow evening.