Wednesday, July 01, 2009

A fungus among us.

Our Ryan Lawn & Tree rep was at the house yesterday, laying out the 2nd summer fertilizer and grub control treatment for this season, and he explained that we apparently have a fungus in our yard, both in front and in back, and its what is causing our grass to turn brown in certain spots. We thought it was that the crabgrass from the new seed was dying thanks to the fertilizer and control treatments we get, but we were wrong.

I'm highly disappointed about this. Why the fuck do we pay hundreds of dollars each year to have our lawn treated for crap if we're still susceptible to something like this fungus? Not to worry, though...they can treat the fungus separately for an additional $150. AUGH!

I'm pissed. But I can rest assured that we aren't the only ones experiencing this fungus crap this season...apparently, it's an epidemic in the area.

Fuck. that. shit. I want it taken care of as a part of my normal treatments. This is not acceptable at all.

(I'm feeling emotionally drained lately. Its making it hard to do anything other than go to work, go home, sleep, and start over again. Sorry for the slowness in posting while I go through this.)

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Jill said...

There's an epidemic fungus in my area too. Ahahahaha- get it?? GET IT??? My area!

No, but really, my area is in fact quit pretty and clean. I was just trying to be funny. Too far?