Thursday, July 30, 2009

Furniture refinishing and a back porch ready to party.

Now that we have a garage befitting a queen and king (albeit a relatively poor queen and king...with a small carriage. And no horses.), we can use it for performing projects that shouldn't really be done inside the house. Like refinishing old furniture. We have a couple of wood pieces that are on our back porch most of the time, and they were looking pretty beat up. It was time to refinish them this year, so I dragged them in the garage in early June and went to town!
This is a porch coffee table that I've had since I moved in. So it's been out in the elements for over 5 years now, and it was showing it's age in sad, relatively ugly ways. Here it is midway through the sanding process:
It was amazing how worn it had gotten over time. The left side is the unsanded side, of course.
Here it is after I finished sanding it all down:

By the way...sanding? Is a very messy, very cough-inducing process. Masks are a good idea. I didn't use one, and I was blowing wood chips out of my nostrils for the next week, no joke.
I decided that the wood was porous and dry enough that I needed to paint the stain on, and then leave it to dry instead of wiping it down. I liked the color better that way, and again, the wood really responded better to it. It looked different after staining, depending on the angle/light in the photo...
Anywho, it was a success! Our table looks infinitely better, and is far less-likely to give random party-goers/dogs/us splinters when passing by it now.
Prior to that project, I had tackled the litte bar we have on our deck, as well. It was a piece I bought from Target probably about 3 years ago, and it, too, was looking run down and pretty messy. I didn't think to take any pictures of it prior to sanding it, so here it is all sanded!
To be honest, it didn't look all that different before I sanded it. This, for example, is the inside of the bar...I pretty much left the shelves and stuff alone. No point in sanding them, really.
(Plus, that would have been mucho hard. I just cleaned them really well and called it a day!)

And here it is after I stained it...
Yay! So pretty again!
Leo attacked the four stools that go with the bar, and then we popped it back out on our patio in time for a little shin-dig that we threw in the early part of June.

I also wanted to put our couch out there that I plan on eventually re-upholstering with an outdoor fabric from Sunbrella. I just need to build up the cash to pay for it, so hopefully by next year, it will be out on the deck all the time. In the meantime, it's living in our garage when we aren't having people over. I can't wait to put a fun, colorful fabric on there! Our decor is so...brown.

We usually have a little wrought-iron love seat in that same spot, but we moved it out to the yard for additional seating away from the patio, and I bought a couple of fun red cushions for it for a splash of that color we so desperately need in our yard/patio area.

It's the perfect spot for it! A great place for people to rest or read or watch some bocce being played.

Next project will be the bedroom bedside tables. I can't wait!


faithstwin said...

Ooo! I like how the bar and table came out.

How did you NOT know you need a mask when you sand shit? That's just, well, dumb. ANY time loose particles of nasty can access an airway you need to wear a mask. Or be REALLY really good at holding your breath for long periods of time. But that just isn't practicle.

Faith said...

Unless you're a vampire. Then it's much easier.

I dunno. I opened the garage door, and thought that I'd be alright. I was singing along with my iPod, too. Let's just say I was testing out my lungs, and they passed with flying colors.

faithstwin said...

Well I'm sure they did- the wood chips coming out of your nose must have been quite colorful!


Layla said...

I do have to say, everything looks AMAZING in person!... I think Robb was alittle jealous, teehee, cause he kept talking about how cool it was :)

Jill said...

Dude, that looks awesome!

Stephanie said...

I'm very impressed with your craftiness! The furniture looks great!

furniturehire said...

Very nice! We have been trying to find something like this.