Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Guest pit bulls. FUN.

I finally got around to uploading some photos from my camera from the past couple of months, and am ready for a couple of days of show and tell now, just to warn ya.

Back some time in June, I think it was, we found a puppy wandering around in our neighbor's yard. He was just circling the yard over and over and over, and looked a bit freaked out, so we went out to see what was up. Poor thing came running right over as soon as I said, "Hey puppy! Come over here, dude..." He needed no other invitation, he seemed so glad to have someone to hang out with. It was cute.

He was a bit dirty, and seemed thirsty, but more than anything, he seemed tired and scared. So Leo and I took him into our backyard while we worked out what we would do next. Unfortunately, the tag on his collar only had his rabies vaccination info (which was nice to see, of course...someone loved the dog enough to get it vaccinated, so we knew that much, at least), and the tag had a vet's number on it that I tried calling, but of course they were already closed. (It was probably about 7:30 p.m. already.) So I called the Mission MedVet to get their opinion on the matter...they told us that unless the dog was exhibiting dangerous behavior, calling Animal Control would be worthless. They further suggested that we keep the dog in our yard until the next morning, and then call the vet on the tag again to ask them to contact the puppy's owner for us.

We wound up calling Animal Control, and they said they'd actually be fine with coming to get the dog and taking care of it for the night, if we wanted. They would contact the vet in the morning, and find the owner. It was all done through the Overland Park police department, which was odd to me, but I was certainly happy they were willing to help. They said they'd send a car over after a while to get him. When they asked what kind of dog it was, we said we didn't know...but it looked like a terrier of some kind. (We were kind of afraid that if we told them it was a pit bull, they'd tell us to fuck right off.)

This was the puppy...

He was SO. SWEET. though! Didn't seem interested in hurting a fly, for real. So we just kinda kept that info to ourselves, and then when the police showed up a couple of hours later, the cop seemed a bit wary of the dog, but I hope he realized quickly what a pussycat it was. See?
Hahaha! He was a happy dude! I asked him to sit and stay while I took pictures of him, and he was very good. Totally good with the sit and stay command. He was hungry, so we gave him some food, too, and he snarfed it down real quick. Poor thing! I hope he found his way back to his owners.
I wish that everyone had collars like we do for our puppies. We get them from Dog ID, which is a local OP, KS company. We keep them simple...just our dog's name, and my cell phone number. That way, if our dogs ever get lost (again), and someone finds them for us, they know the puppy's name, and they have the number to call. Simple! If you have a dog, how do you ID them in case they run away? Do you have a tag on their collar? Or do you have a similar collar to the ones we have?


Old Fart said...

My wife is what is affectionately known as a collar whore. She buys custom made martingale collars for every single holiday, for each of our 5 greyhounds.

Since she is constantly changing collars, I came up with the idea of using small swivel snap hooks so the tags can be easily moved from one collar to the next, yet stay firmly attached when necessary.

As far as the tag itself, we just use the tag machines at PetCo or PetSmart. Each tag gets the dogs name and both of our cell numbers.

Good for you and Leo taking care of the puppy. I hate seeing dogs running loose. I always worry about them getting hit by cars.

Layla said...

OK, that is one dang cute puppy!

Faith said...

He was so funny! He kept bumping into me when I wouldn't let him jump on me, to let me know he wanted me to pet him. I tried to see if he knew other commands, like shake or down, but when I tried them, he thought I had treats in my hands for him, so he would just lick my hand! He liked the treats. :)

OF, I had no idea you had 5 greyhounds. That's one crowded house, man!

Logtar said...

Cute pup.

Jill Pilgrim said...

That is so sweet! My parents have a pit mix that they resucued from a shelter and she is the tamest, most well-mannered dog ever.