Friday, July 17, 2009

Holy jeezy on a stick... is fucking GORGEOUS out. I had to run out to buy some new underthingies at lunchtime, and found myself plopped dead-center of a perfect day! Shit.

Which is nice, because I bought tickets for Leo and I to head out to the Community America ballpark tonight for the T-Bones game. It should be absolutely wonderful weather for a game, peoplewatching, drinking beer, etc...

And then tomorrow night, we're heading out with Lyn, because she's in town for work. I love it when Lyn is in town! I totally owe her drinks, too, because she gave me Morrissey's and Regina Spektor's latest albums just for fun since I last saw her, andplusalso she was an awesome tour guide when we visited her in San Diego in February, so yeah. Drinks are on us, sista!

Should be a good weekend, I hope I hope I hope. What're you doing?


Nuke said...

It's frakkin sweet outside. In fact I am working thru lunch so I can leave JUST that much earlier.

Have fun with Lyn. She was with you at the first bloger gathering I ever attended. Cool chick.

Waldo Oiseau said...

You picked the perfect evening for a game!

This weekend I will: eat some sushi, watch a DVD go to the farmers' market, walk my dog five times, and strip wallpaper in our master bedroom. Good times.

Jill Pilgrim said...

Its finally gorgeous here too! This weekend Ben and I went to a Greek Festival in Portsmouth and then stopped by Dani's house for a bit.