Monday, July 20, 2009

I chalk it up to "global warming"

I was craving something sweet yesterday. But I didn't want to leave the house to get anything. Suddenly, I remembered that I had all the ingredients for chocolate chip cookies...or at least I thought I might. I'm not a baker, and in fact tend to incinerate more than bake when I try, so it's not like I have chocolate chip cookie recipes just stored away for use whenever I feel the urge to make 'em. I had to pull out my Joy of Cooking to see.

Butter - check
Brown and white sugar - check and check
Vanilla - check
Baking soda - check (bought it last week after hearing the suggestion that a small amount in the boiling water for hard boiled eggs can help keep the shell from sticking, and it seems to help from what I've noticed)
Chocolate chips - check (two kinds!)
Flour - wah, wah, waaaah. NOPE! Fuck.

So I had just about everything I needed, except for the goddammed flour. I was so clooose! In fact, I was close enough that I decided it was my fucking destiny to make those cookies, come hell or high water. So I got dressed, and went to the store. Bought myself some lunch stuff while I was at it. (I had been planning on picking up one of the smoked turkey cobb salads at the Blue Moose, but I made one myself, and it was completely as delicious, if not more so, than the one at the restaurant. I am fucking awesome, dammit.)

After some issues with trying to figure out how to mix everything without a hand mixer (ours seems to have disappeared, so I used the mixer attachment on my stick blender instead, which got the job done with relatively little issue), I baked off my cookies, and I'm happy to report that they did not incinerate in the process! And they taste pretty damned good, to boot!

I'm thinking this is a sign. A sign that the baking gods have decided to forgive me for the cookie debacle of 1985, when I accidentally saw that the recipe called for 2 tablespoons of salt instead of 2 teaspoons. (Believe me, it makes a really big difference. Really, really big.) A sign that I can bake sweets that don't neccessarily have to come from a tube or get mixed out of a box. A sign that I might be allowed to make the world a happier place (if by the world we mean my mouth) thanks to my ability to measure, mix, and heat ingredients properly.

Leftovers are at my desk. Holla!


Jill said...

Please send me baked goods. Thank you.

faithstwin said...

No, the debacle of 1985 happened when we forgot to put flour in. Then we froze it and had sugar/butter/vanilla 'candy'. The salt mess happened in high school- 1990 ish. They were your 'pretzel cookies.' =D

Anonymous said...


Faith said...

Gah! Spam!

No, the pretzel cookies were made for a math class in 8th grade, actually. Everyone was allowed to bake something for an extra 10 points of credit, because following a recipe involves math. ('s all the same, really. At least, it is when you have a teacher that weighs a minimum 300 pounds.) Bless that teacher's heart...he made everyone eat one cookie, and gave dirty looks to anyone who even uttered a snicker.

Man, those cookies were awful!

faithstwin said...

I clearly remember it was in high school. CLEARLY. We were even living in the SJC house, so it had to be jr. year when it happened.

We were in the 6th grade in 1985...We 'graduated' 8th grade in 88, the same year we moved from Arrowhead to Mission Viejo. :/

Faith said...

Ok, then it was the cookie debacle of 1986/87.

It was for a math class I had in 7th grade, dude. Both cookie episodes (the salty one and the cookie/candy one) were in the mountain house. The teacher was a big ol' fat awesome dude who's classroom was on the 2nd level of the lower building at MPH. (If you have a yearbook, I'm sure you can find who I'm talking about...his name escapes me right now, dammit.) Denny was in the class with me...if you find him on facebook, he might remember it and confirm it for ya.