Thursday, July 23, 2009

PSA - Pilgrim Congress

I want to make sure everyone is regularly reading my friend Jillian's stories over on The Pilgrim Congress. Her TMI Thursday posts are lessons for all of us, srsly. So head on over there and read 'em when you get the chance.

I recommend that you start with the first TMI Thursday post she had - which I just learned is NOT the first one, and in fact I somehow missed the first one when she wrote it, which is actually here - and then work your way up to the most recent one. me on that. There's a build-up (pun intended...again, just trust me) and references to previous posts, and if you missed them, the stories will still be interesting, but made more fun by knowing WTF she's talking about, ok? I know my shit...I used to read for a living when I was in college. So you should trust my professional reading judgement.

(And in case the Anonytard from the other day who commented in my post about solicitors wanders over there and notices that Jillian, too, mentions "jebus" a fair amount? Let me help you out by warning you that she's being sarcastic, too. I know it's hard to wrap your head around, but I just wanted to make sure you didn't think we were religious freaks of any kind...mixing a message about our love for "jebus" in with our discussions about hate for solicitors and people shitting during sexcapades, and all that sort of stuff.)


Layla said...

All I'm gonna say is there should have been a warning that already queasy pregnant women may want to wait to read them until in the 2nd trimester, otherwise to have a bucket handy! ;)

Faith said...

She warns you herself about the possible need for a trashcan! Now you know...take that warning seriously. ;)