Monday, August 10, 2009

Any men wanna change bodies with me?

Ugh. I have my "fake" PMS right now, and it SUCKS. (Since I take my birth control consecutively, I only get a period every 90 days, but I still seem to get the PMS-type symptoms on schedule, every couple of months.) I'm bloated, super-body conscious in a non-good way, and highly irritable. I barely slept last night, too, which helped a lot. To top it all off, I'm pretty sure I'm in the middle of what I can only describe as a medium-sized cluster headache attack, and it's just totally fucking things up for me for the last couple of days. Taking meds doesn't work. The headaches seem to go come and go on their own schedule, and what I'd really love to do today is take a narcotic pain med, and climb back into bed, but I'm at work instead.

This weekend is Leo's birthday, and we're planning a party to celebrate. Just a few friends, some BBQ, and a BYOB kind of affair, so nothing major, but at this point in the week, I wish we could cancel, I'm feeling so anti-social. I'm hoping that clears up as the week progresses and my body readjusts to the new round of hormones I'm pumping into it via the birth control, but we'll see.

It doesn't help that I was already trying to conserve money as best I could in order to help pay for the party, and then I went and got a speeding ticket yesterday on my way home from the market. ::rolls eyes at self:: My first one in over 12 years! The cop was nice, especially for how hot it was outside, but bitch still gave me the ticket. I tried to reason a bit by explaining that I rarely drive on the street I was on (which is a 25 zone for most of it's length), and usually drive on another street that's a 35 zone, in hopes that it might help make sense of my 37 MPH speed. I think it did, but she still said that she has two boys that live just a short distance from where we were and they play baseball outside all the time. I wanted to ask her why they didn't hang out in the backyard, but I managed to stifle my curiosity on that point. She did make me feel better when she told me she's clocked people going 50 MPH in that area, which I would never do, so oh well. At least I'm not the worst of the offenders, right? Bleh.

So this isn't exactly a chipper kinda Monday for me. Forgive me if I'm short with anyone, please. It's not's the evil man inside my head, and the icky female hormones. Give it a couple of days, and I should be back to my normal level of astringent moodiness.


red said...

You should try an IUD. My GF uses one. She loves it. She never has to remember to take the pill, it's much cheaper than constantly buying new pills, and there's no sudden influx of hormones. And they're not as scary as they once were thought to be (mostly an old wives tale).

Faith said...

I like the pill. I don't have a problem remembering to take it. You know, since one of the major side effects of forgetting can be PREGNANCY, and all.

I pay $15 for 4 month's worth of pills, so a total of $45 per year. Not exactly a painful cost for me, to be honest.

And I'm on a 7/7/7 form of low-estrogen b.c., not that that means anything to you. It's a relatively consistent hormone level from week to week. It's not a sudden influx of hormones that causes's the whole being a woman part that does it.

Why am I even wasting my time explaining this to someone who thinks I'm full of shit, anyway? Jeezy...

Nuke said...

Hope you get feeling better, you ought to be able to enjoy your own party.

As for trading, are there any restrictions what I can do with your body while driving it? Can you say crime spree !?!

Faith said...

Bwahahahaha! Nuke, I hadn't thought of that! Hell, I got a head start with that speeding ticket, so why the hell not. If it means getting rid of this headache for a little while, then you're on! :D

Jill said...

Dude, that evil man inside your head is scary.

Also, boo for fake PMS!