Thursday, August 13, 2009

Burden is on YOU, ok?

I've run into a series of people either directly, or through stories Leo has told me, or from family members, etc..., about people who appear to be unwilling to accept their responsibilities and roll with them. And I'm here to ask that this ridiculous behavior be put to a stop. Stop it right now!

Earlier this week, I was dealing with a coworker who, it seemed, was looking for someone to basically do her job for her. And it was something that was as simple as picking up the phone, calling the number, and asking someone in customer service on the other end for a receipt to be faxed or emailed to her. Probly would have taken all of about 90 seconds to complete, depending on how long it took for customer service to answer (which, in my experience with the company, wasn't all that long).

But instead of doing that, this chick sent out an email to everyone involved with the order that had been made, asking if anyone had the receipt. Once she found out (after 2 hours had passed) that no one likely had it, she asked if someone else could call and get one faxed to her.

Look, the credit card the order was placed on is hers. Bad enough that I'm the one that has to enter the damned orders because our company doesn't think that admins at my level should have a credit card, or whatever, because it's somehow saving us money to keep them at the level above mine. FINE. I don't know how safe it is for me to randomly have her credit card info (number, expiration date, security code, billing address and phone number) all written down somewhere for my use when I'm given permission to use it, but that's their damned call, eh? I just follow the rules I'm asked to follow. I accept that it is my job to order supplies for my team, and I actually like that it's one of my responsibilities. You take that away, and I'm basically a stand-in for a fucking chimp, because seriously, there's only one task left if you take away my ability to place orders and manage our supply cabinet. (Which might be sad to some people, but I rather like it, thanks.) And if my boss were to learn sign language, I'm sure it wouldn't be all that hard for a chimp to perform it for him day in and day out.

Ok,'s not that bad. Or easy. Or however you wanna put it. But it certainly isn't rocket science, thank goodness!

Anyfuck, after the last email I saw from her asking engineers to do administrative busy work, I finally replied to all saying, "[Coworker], I think it would work better if either you or I call for the reprint. The number for the company should be in the original confirmation emails I sent to you when I ordered, so let me know if you want me to take care of it. Thanks!"

I didn't hear back from her.

To be honest, I was a leetle bit worried. I certainly don't want to be seen as being disrespectful or ornery, but I had reached my limit. She called me yesterday morning, and I thought it was to bitch me out about my email I'd sent. But instead, she told me that apparently the wrath of Satan had been released on the entire administrative team the day before by their bosses, and she was following up on some of that rather than yelling at me for being impertinent. I guess my email message was probably actually nice in tone compared to the ire that befell her from the VP level. ::shudders::

But here's the crux of the issue: If she took responsibility for her job in the first place, and didn't try to shove off even the easiest, basest tasks on other people, maybe she wouldn't have gotten into any trouble at all! WHO KNOWS???

I'm just tired of the silliness. So I thought I'd mention it. In case it helps anyone out there that might be reading. Quit it. (With the silliness, I mean. Not the reading. I don't mind that much, really.)


Ms. Pants said...

You said "Anyfuck." I love you.

Carry on.

May said...

I couldn't agree more. WTF is up with these people? It's ridiculous and ass-headed to think that you can go through life expecting people to do everything for you. BAH!