Friday, August 07, 2009

It's baaa-aaack! *Updated*

So. Last week, I was heading out of town for a few days to visit with family and see my dad and spend time with him, and stuff. It was emotional for me. I'm having a very hard time with what's happening to him, and going to see him was a bittersweet event for me, personally.

Since emotions were high, it only makes sense that Jeffers would want to come out and play, right? Well, apparently that's the case, anyway. Jake brought the blue ball back into the house early in the week...maybe even over the weekend prior to me leaving. I can't remember exactly. It had been under the deck in the back for a while, and so nothing was going on with it. And nothing really went on with it all week, until Friday morning. (Btw, the last update on blue ball activity, or lack thereof, is here, and original stories about the ball can be found here and here.)

Leo and I went to bed early the night before, because we needed to get up at 3:45 a.m. on Friday to get me to the airport on time. The blue ball was in our master bathroom, lying on the rug that leads to the toilet area. In my worry that I might step on it and fall in the middle of the night during one of my many mid-sleep pee journeys, I rolled it off of the rug before heading to bed.

On one of those trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night, I kinda noticed that the ball wasn't where I'd put it. But I just figured it had rolled further than I recalled, or it wasn't as visible in the lowly lit room as I'd thought it would be. But when I got up in the morning to get ready and finish packing, I flipped on the light, and noticed that the ball was in the windowsill of the window above the bathtub that's closest to my side of the sink. I laughed, and continued to get ready, telling Leo about it later on our way to the airport. I told him that I asked Jeffers to leave it alone for the weekend, but I thought that it'd be best for Leo to say something as well. Unless he wanted it to be moved. ::shrugs:: Pretty sure he didn't want that, though!

I took the ball out to the kitchen and put it with the other toys we were leaving for the puppies to play with while Leo was at work that day, and then we took off for the airport.

Later, when I'd arrived in California, and Leo was home from work, we chatted on the phone. I can't remember who brought it up, or why, but he told me that the blue ball was on top of the microwave. I asked him if he'd put it there when he went home after dropping me off that morning. He said he thought I had put it there. Nope! I had put it on the floor for the puppies to play with.


Leo, unfortunately, was not as amused as I was. Which is his standard reaction to all this mischievousness.

He left it on top of the microwave. He said he didn't want to touch it. He kinda hates that blue ball, it seems. (It really freaks him out, poor thing!)

My nieces were incredibly interested in the whole blue ball story, and kept asking me what it was doing while I was gone. Every time I got off the phone with Leo, they wanted to know where the blue ball was. As far as I knew, it hadn't moved. But Leo told me on Saturday that it had disappeared, and he wasn't sure where it went. I told him to text me when he found it, so I could update my nieces. He didn't really agree or disagree, so whatever. He never did text me.

The following day, I talked to Leo, and he said he had, in fact, searched a bit for the ball. And was unsuccessful at finding it. He decided to let it go, and was in the kitchen getting dinner ready on Sunday night when he suddenly saw it.

Can you find the blue ball in this photo?
How about in this one? Aha! There it is!
Guys, it was up on that ledge of moulding, seemingly mocking Leo with it's balancing act, although it is leaning against the wall, so that must support it somewhat. The ledge it's on is really narrow (and dirty...):
I, of course, find this absolutely fucking hilarious. But Leo doesn't want to touch it, so there it rests!
I don't know what the fuck is going on in our house, but it's amusing to me. Dad thinks it must be some sort of telekenetic thing going on. My one niece asked me point blank, "Is Leo doing all of this, and just pretending he's not?" My immediate answer was absolutely not. I know when Leo is hiding something from me, or fucking with me. He gets this little shit-eating grin on his face that he can't wipe away. But this? This is really just honest to God freaking his shit out. I think that he'd throw the ball away if it weren't so entertaining to me, and if he wasn't positive that another toy would just take it's place if it wasn't there anymore.
Anyway, that's the latest with the blue ball! It's staying put in that spot for now, but I'll let y'all know if anything else happens with it. (I might take it down if it doesn't move on it's own. I hate to think of it being poised up there to fall on us at any given moment...even though I don't think that's the kind of game Jeffers is playing. You never know!)
UPDATE: So on Friday night, I couldn't stop looking up to the ball's location every time I went in the kitchen. I was pretty sure that taking it down was a good idea, but I can't reach it without a ladder, so I was being lazy about it. After Leo and I finished dinner, I took my plate into the kitchen and noticed that the ball had moved. It was around 8 inches away from where it had been leaning against the wall. I checked back throughout the rest of the night whenever I went in the kitchen, and again in the morning Saturday, but it never moved again. We took it down on Saturday afternoon and put it behind the picture of Leo's brother we have in the living room. (Jeffers tends to leave it alone when we put it there.) It hasn't moved since. Which is fine with me, because I think I need a little break from it for now!


Kelley said...

No stinkin' way! Goose bumps and shivers down my spine. I'm with Leo on this one... except I would be a little paranoid!

Erin said...

faithstwin said...

Bwwahahahahahaaa! LOOK at it sitting there!!! I can't wait to show Dad this later... classic.

Alisha said...

That is really cool. I've been keeping Lloyd abreast of the blue ball hijinx. He's not really sure what to think about it. :)

Jill Pilgrim said...

Freaky stuff!

red said...

I have to call BS.

Faith said...

It's not bullshit, but you call whatever you want. It's true that only Leo and I can possibly know if we're lying, but I have this thing called "integrity" that I live life with, so you can either trust that I'm making all of this up, for whatever reason, or think I'm lying.

If you think I'm a liar, you might just want to stop coming to my blog altogether. Because I don't like people who question my integrity hanging around, personally.

Faith said...

And just to follow up on my last comment, because red really fired me up and I was already in a foul fucking mood, I have NO REASON to make shit up just to post something to this blog. I feel no urgency to post in order to hopefully entertain people, because if people don't like what they read here, or I haven't posted a new post for the day, then they can go read the news. Or Dooce. Or check out the latest at Failblog. It's not like I'm the ONLY fucking blog on the internet. I do not feel beholden to anyone when it comes to my posting, ok?

I understand that not everyone believes in the paranormal. I understand that, and accept that some people might read my blue ball stories, cock their head to the side, and think, "There must be some explanation for what's happening." But I am not lying when I say that neither I nor Leo have anything to do with the moving of the ball, except for when I say we're moving it. I think it's a fun story to tell, because I believe loads of people would be interested in hearing it. For those who think that there must be some natural explanation for the movement, please throw out your suggestions, as I'm mighty open to hearing them.

But do NOT come in here and accuse me of being a liar. Because that's just an asshole move, IMO. Especially when you don't have a blog yourself that I can link to through your name. That's as chickenshit as posting anonymously, if you ask me.

justquirky said...

Hi- found your blog from Love it. First, I'm digging the blue ball stories. Keep sharing! Second, I love your kitchen.