Friday, August 28, 2009

Not sure if this is a nationwide thing, or not...

Apparently, I missed a memo, and just in case anyone else did, here's what it must have said:

Friday the 28th is drive like a fucktard day! So if you plan on getting behind the wheel, remember to drive poorly, and piss off everyone around you. It'll be fun! If you make someone else honk at you, you WIN!!!

Fair warning.


faithstwin said...

Yeah- not so bad here, but I have noticed a bit of HUA going on for sure.

Anonymous said...

I hear ya! Some dipstick on 435 East in OP decided that he didn't want to get off at Metcalf and damn near killed me getting out of that exit only lane.

Then, the same fucktard got off at Nall. Was in the right hand right turn lane...I was in the left hand right turn lane. The light turns and this dumbass turns into MY lane right where I wanted to be and damn near killed me again!

I feel your pain!