Friday, August 28, 2009

Operation: Find Don

It's been a while since I saw Sars over at Tomato Nation mention this, but I thought I would do my part to help, if possible. You can read the whole story over at her site, but here's the gist:

Operation Find Don
On 9/11/01, Sars found herself in the lobby of the Bank of New York building as the World Trade Center buildings were beginning to crumble after being hit by planes.

She met a man named Don who she wound up spending the rest of the morning with. He helped her feel safe and calm during a time of utter chaos. She feels a distinct need to thank him for what he did for her that day, but she has been unable to track him down ever since.

Go over and read the post. There was an original post about Don a few years ago that explained her meeting with him that day, but it appears to have been lost in the switch from an old website host to the current one she's on. But I think you'll get the point once you read her post.

Do you know Don? Maybe. Probably not. But you might know someone else who knows him. Or someone else who knows someone else who does. Let's spread the word, and help Sars find Don.


faithstwin said...

She won't find him- he was an angel created just for her on that day.

I'm not being silly either.

Faith said...

Did you read the end of her post? Someone told her that same thing, and she doesn't want to believe it. (I think because she really wants to meet the dude again.)

Jill Pilgrim said...

Wow, that is so amazing. I hope she finds him.

faithstwin said...

Yup, I read it. But before I even made the jump to her story there I knew Don was an angel from reading what you wrote.

I said so in her comments as well- saying whether she believes it or not.

She won't believe it. Understandably its a tough concept to swallow. Skeptics are hard shells to crack.