Monday, August 24, 2009


I have a hangover. Turns out that sitting by a pool drinking pineapple infused vodka drinks and beer for 4 hours without stopping isn't as good for your body as you might think it could be! (Does wonders for the psyche, though. :D)

It should be clearing up here in about, oh, an hour or so (my hangovers tend to last until 3 p.m. following the day of excess), and I can't wait.

My friends that know of my alter-ego here as Faith Smith all asked me why I wasn't included in the issue of "Ink" that was out this week (I have no idea when it comes out each week...Saturday, maybe? I don't get the paper...), in which they featured 6 local bloggers for...some reason. I'm not exactly sure why. They were each specific in their content, though (food blogger, beer blogger, Chiefs blogger, etc, etc...), so my response was firstly that I had no idea that Ink was profiling local bloggers at all in their latest issue. And then after I saw the story in the edition of Ink they had at the Moose (since that's where I was when all this was going on), I figured I wouldn't be asked to be profiled for something like that because what would they call me? A shit-talking blogger? A bitchy blogger? A blogger that needs Xanax? Yeah, I can see why I wouldn't be thought of twice for something like that.

Today I'm a hungover blogger, so I'm going to go find a nice, quiet spot under my desk for a nap now...


Jill said...

I am not hungover, but I have had a headache all day and its kind of making me want to stab people.

logtar said...

Slice of life blogger!