Friday, August 14, 2009

Smoke 'em if ya got 'em.

In prep for a little shin-dig we're throwing this weekend to celebrate Leo still not being even close to being as old as I am, there was some meat-smoking going on in the Smith household this week. (We made the mistake of using up all the party time at the last party for Leo to barbecue, and we've once tried smoking meat while we had people over on the back porch, which winds up also smoking the guests. So we're trying to find new methods of cooking that doesn't cause lung cancer and also doesn't cause Leo to miss all the fun of mingling and visiting while people are over.) When I got home on Tuesday night, the house smelled deeeelicous. And I wished I could have eaten all that meaty goodness right there and then!

But it was for the party, so I held off, and Leo put the meat in the fridge once it had cooled enough to be safe.

About an hour after he put the meat in the fridge, I went to grab one of my aluminum bottles of water I keep in there. And holy mother of all things BBQ, if that bottle didn't taste like it had spent a good 7 hours on the smoker, too! It was gross.

Everything wound up smelling and/or tasting like it was smoked. Leo hadn't wrapped the meat up yet, so the scent and flavor got all over the damned place. No joke...even my Lean Cuisine meals in the freezer have carried the smokey scent with them to my office freezer all week.

It's slightly less than awesome.

Because (a) it leaves my hands smelling all smokey for a long time from just carrying the box from my desk to the kitchen, and (b) I'VE WANTED TO CHOW DOWN ON BBQ ALL WEEK BECAUSE OF IT, DAMMIT!!! (And now everyone else is writing goddammed reviews of different BBQ places in town, and couldn't you guys have just waited until Monday with that shit? GAH!)

Only 2 more days, mutherfucker. Two more daaaayyysss, and the ribs and brisket will be in mah fat belleh. UNGH.

Lesson to you all, though: watch that freshly smoked meat. It's pervasive stuff!


Coley said...

Now, that's just true. And while smoked butter might be a delicious treat, smoked milk on your cereal is not. Gross.
Hope the party was delightful!

Layla said...

Sounds YUMMY!... The meats part, not the milk and frozen entrees part of course. Sorry we couldn't make it!... We were wiped from the trip and having some other issues I'll blog about soon (No worries, all is still good). Give Leo a big hug from us with our apologies!