Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Totally unrelated: guns at protests?

I'm wondering if someone can help explain the logic and reasoning behind the sudden influx of people who are choosing to attend political rallies with guns, in states where it's allowed for them to do so. Here's the latest story, in case anyone isn't up to speed on this blossoming phenomenon.

What is this about? And why is it happening now? It seemed to start with the opposition to the president's stance on medical care, so is it about socialism? I can't wrap my teensy brain around it, so share your insight in the comments, if you have some way to help me understand their point. I really appreciate it!


Layla said...

OK, I'm sorry, but WTF?... I already don't understand the gun-lovin' mentality round here, but that really IS just asking for trouble.

Midtown Miscreant said...

A lame attempt at intimidation.

Paranoia from gun owners who believe dems will rob them of their right to own assault weapons.

And way way waaaaaay to the right, bordering on extremist, douche bags who are itching for a fight.

Thats my thinking on it. It's definetly a new thing. I dont recall it ever happening prior to bama being elected. Iwas going to add whites who feel threatened by the whole black President thing, and while that may be true in some cases, the last guy I saw was black and had an assault rifle strapped on his back.

scuse the misspells, in a hurry.

Xavier Onassis said...

I mostly agree with mm. I think it's the whole revolutionary, take back my country from the socialists mentality.

I also suspect that there are a bunch of folks who want to condition people to get used to seeing guns at presidential rallys in the hopes of maybe sneaking one in.

Faith said...

See, this is one of the reasons why I get kinda apathetic when it comes to politics. The crazies. The fuckin' CRAZIES make it not worth it to me to even try.

I know that's a backwards kind of mentality, but see the above point about the teensy brain. There's only so much room in there for stuff, and I like to save the space for song lyrics, if possible.

Jill Pilgrim said...

Yeah, I don't get it. People are so strange sometimes.

Marty'sWifeTerri said...

I also don't get this. At. All. Why does anyone need a semi-automatic assault rifle ANYwhere??

emawkc said...

I totally agree with all of you guys. Why in the hell would someone want to exercise a constitutional right. Especially if it's not illegal. I mean WTF! Next thing you know they'll be wanting to think critically and have freedom of speech. Hell, if we let this continue, people will probably start wanting to peaceably assemble. Fuckin' wackos!

Maine said...

Jeez.... I know it's a constitutional right, but there are a few things to bear in mind here.

1.) I have freedom of speech, but common sense tells me that it's not a good idea to tell a cop to go fuck himself. Sure, it's legal, but there's a time and place for everything.

2.) I have a right to own and carry a weapon, but, just like its a bad idea to brandish a rifle in the middle of a fight with your neighbor, it's probably a bad idea to carry a gun to a very politically charged rally. Unless you're not against escalating the discussion to the point of the stupid.

3.) While a "person" can be perfectly sane, "people" are always crazy. This is commonly referred to as "mob mentality." If you want to carry an assault rifle into a crowd, don't act innocent when you find the crowd reacting the way crowds react.

faithstwin said...

Maine, you crack me up AND make sense. Formidable abilities of which I am jealous...

Faith said...

Yeah, I never have understood the whole "right to bear arms" thing in the constitution anyway. It makes sense for certain times, eras, and situations. Like if the country is suddenly sent into a state of emergency because some whacko foreign power tries to attempt a coup? Bring out the guns. Let's stand side by side with law enforcement and help 'em out.

Hunting for deer/pheasant/wild boar? Lemme see that gun. I'd rather it be out in the open so I know to avoid you if we cross paths in whatever rural hunting area we both happen to be in.

Someone is trying to break into my house, and a neighbor who has a gun sees what's up and comes over to lend a hand? Show the piece, so we can get the whole ordeal over with a bit faster. (Let me hide behind the couch first, though. Thanks.)

But randomly strapping on the gun to take along with you to a rally outside the local high school where the president is speaking? I'm sorry...I can't find a point in that beyond what MM and XO have mentioned. I think they're trying to assert their looniness, which they probably think should be seen as "normal behavior". When, in fact, it stopped being normal when the calendar flipped to the year 1905, or so.