Friday, September 04, 2009

Good time for a long weekend.

Ugh. I just left the message board that I've been a part of for the past 15 months, and I'm feeling really blue.

Not as blue as LeGarrett Blount might be feeling right about now...

...but pretty damned blue all the same. (Get it? Blue? He lost to Boise? Hahahaha! I love a good pun.)

Boy, he clocked him good, eh? I see some difficult times ahead in that young man's future, for some reason. Maybe some anger management seminars and classes, at the very least. But yeah...sports might not be the best place for him, after all.


Old Fart said...

Blount should be thrown out of school for that pussy move. He walks up behind a guy who is talking to someone else and sucker punches him... while keeping his own helmet on?

I don't see anger management classes or seminars... but more likely a drive by shooting and/or prison.

Faith said...

The clip I saw this morning showed it more like the guy was talking to doubt, giving him some shit for the game he'd just played.

However...however, the reaction he had, regardless of the rivalry or tensions or whatever it was that had gotten him all riled up, was definitely out of proportion for a guy who I would imagine probly has had his fair share of experience with shit-talking around a game. That's what surprised me.

Maybe he's on the 'roids. Would that explain it?

Regardless, I tend to agree with you, Old Fart. I didn't want to say it myself, but I'm glad I'm not the only one who made a similar observation...

Jill said...


Also? I hate football.

The end.