Friday, September 18, 2009


You guys.

Shhhh! You guys!

I'm a bit tipsy. But I realized a few minutes ago (probably about an hour ago in real time...I'nm working in drunk time, you see...) that I never made a post today!


Sorry. But I was busy. I was all wondering about what to have for lucnh....

Wait. Should I let this post with all the typse? Or should I correct the typos as I gfo? I'm DRUNK. So I shoukld publish WIHT the typose, yes?

God, I wanna watch Roman Goliday right now. Ugh.

Anyway, so I was busy today. I got all caught up with what my lunch should be. and then I finaly wenmt to get my lunch, ans it tuernd out to be a mustard sammich fromSubaway/ (you guys are smart, so I know you'll fiugre out what I'm supposed to be typing, as if I'm sober, so no worries...ecept for the D. Sorry, Darrin! Good luck, man!) which was more disappointing trhan I realizxed it might be. And I LIEK mustard. So, wahtever.

Anyway, I fogt my lunch, and then I got back to the office, adn it's like the rest of the dfayu FLEW by! I had to leave early to deal with a thing thatn Leo hasd going on...iots a cyst on his lopwer back,. if you must know, and it SUCKS. Shshhhhh...he's asleep right now. And he needs it, ok? Becuas it was BAD./ It was all infected, and thank goodness we got it taken care of in a good amount of time, bwecausehe \started acting all weird, and shit...

This is starting to seem like a Flight of the Conchords song now,... Hm.

Anyway, that took up the last couple fo days of thought for me. Al;iong weith the wondering about where we can watch the USC game on Saturday (Tanners on Wornall, in casea nyone is wondering. They have mini corndogs!) and other things.

I'd bettern go back to watching t.v, now. Becayusde this isn;t exacty helping my stellar Admin exterior I've been putting forth this far, eh?

Good LORD, I'm fucked up! Ok, off to bed with me. Have a great weekend, everyone!


Jill Pilgrim said...

BUI- blogging under the influence. Awesome.

justquirky said...

tee hee