Thursday, September 03, 2009

One of THOSE days.

Today is one of those days where I feel twice as big as I actually am (which...AUGH! No thanks! I'm good to go with the 200 lbs as is!) which caused me to get dressed, re-think that outfit, only to ultimately change into a different dress that is more comfy albeit less stylish, I'd imagine, but I don't care really because THE BLOAT! THE BLOOOOAAAAAAT!!! ::gurgles under the strain of the bloated belleh::

I've been wearing comfy (and cute! Gotta keep it cute, dammit...) skirts and dresses all week, thanks to the quarterly period that's currently visiting, and thank goodness for the cooler weather that's been allowing me to layer, particularly today. Even though my quick change that I did the 2nd time around, right before my carpooling neighbor pulled into the driveway to pick me up (which is made evident to me each week thanks to the super-handy Carpooler Alarm I had built into Izzy when she was's amazing! She barks as he pulls into the driveway, and so no matter where I am in the house, I know when he's arrived to pick me up. No honking necessary!), wound up being a bit less layered than it should be, I think. I needed a different slip under this dress. The one I have on worked for the shorter dress that I had on at first. Now it just feels like I have a layer on that's too skimpy for the end resulting outfit. Not that anyone other than me knows that fact, but when you have your quarterly period, that kind of issue is just the thing to bring you to a random crying attack when you least expect it.

Being a girl is fun.

I appreciate the option of having my period only 4 times a year...I honestly do. It may suck ass to be me or to be around me for a couple of weeks, but it's only 4 times a year instead of every month! That's gotta be helpful, in some regard, I'd think. You'd have to ask Leo to be sure, but since he doesn't have a blog, you just have to trust me. I'm pretty sure it's helpful, though. From my viewpoint, it is!

All this useless rambling is brought to you by the letter P. And the fact that today is the start of college football season, and I'm so fucking excited, I could shit a rainbow. WOO!

Now, as you were...


faithstwin said...

I told Dad when you started blogging about college ball I would then be 'in the know' of when it starts. Damn if I wasn't right.

Being a girl sucks. The End.

Faith said...

Yes, looking at the blog for that info is the best method...I don't think you'd be able to see my butt-rainbow all the way out there.

USC plays against San Jose State on Saturday at 12:30 your time. It's on Fox Sports Net. They play at the same exact damned time as Notre Dame, so I'll be at the Moose to watch. (There's also an Oklahoma/Georgia game on at the same exact time, and which will likely be the most interesting of the three at that point.)

Faith said...

Shit...that should read Oklahoma State, not Oklahoma. I'm eating lunch and's not working out too well. :)

floydfixx said...

Don't know if this would be of interest to you, but I'm having it done in November:

faithstwin said...

That's interesting Floydfixx. I just looked it up and it seems reasonable enough (to those of us done having kids and are sick of the monthly mess) but it looks like you have to have a pretty heavy (eh-hem) monthly to even consider it to be done.

And I wonder the side effects of it in the long term. As far as hormones and such go, you know?

Faith said...

Yeah, my periods are regular as clockwork, and aside from the moodiness, really aren't all that big of a deal. I feel so bad for people who have to deal with awful ones on a regular basis! I definitely got lucky in that regard!

Layla said...

Personally, I'm just enjoying not having to deal with them at all right now... woohoo!... Although I know payback will be a bitch :(

Sebastian said...

Yay for arcing multi-coloured shit! Woo and yay!

You could forego your period entirely if you wanted, right? Or is that considered unhealthy? (I don't mean via pregnancy, I mean just by pumpin' up that oestrogen...)

Anyway, next time post PICTURES of the various DRESS and SLIP options. Men aren't good without visual aids.