Monday, October 05, 2009

Cluster you know what (Updated)

I am under the weather. I either have a cluster headache, or I have the remains to be seen. Yesterday, it felt flu-ish. Today, I was able to get out of bed and shower without too much issue. I was hungry for breakfast, so that was a good non-flu sign.

But I still had the headache that I've had since Saturday night. NOT such a good sign.

I'm inclined to think it's a cluster attack at this point, and I want to go home, drug up, and go to bed. If I'm not feeling better by lunchtime, that's exactly what I intend to do.

I had a rough Saturday night that made me think I was hungover more than anything else yesterday, but when I was still feeling like shit at 5 p.m., I realized my body was actually being attacked by something more virusy. No doubt due to the exposure to the people I was around the evening before. We had issues with watching the USC game...wound up having to go to the Brooksider to watch. Which was fine...the food was good, and they have decent drink specials. But the events leading up to us having to go there, along with the reason why we wanted to avoid the bar in the first place (me + a bunch of tools = grumpy to the max), just wound up being exhausting. And apparently inspired my head to implode into a cluster attack. So, yeah...

Here's the letter I just wrote to KC Hopps about the issue we had. Maybe it'll help to clear things up:

"I had an awful experience at 810 Zone (Leawood) on Saturday night, and intend to call there to speak to a manager directly, but also wanted to give the heads-up to you there at corporate about the issue. I went there to watch the USC vs Cal game that was on simultaneously with the Oklahoma game at 7 p.m. CST on ABC. I chose to go to 810 rather than the Brooksider (they are the closest bar to my home that has College Gameplan, at least according to my "research") because it seemed like the better idea on a Saturday night. (I didn't want to deal with the clientelle they attract at the Brooksider on a Saturday night, if possible.) My husband and I arrived at 810 Zone right before the USC game started. I asked the bartender if she could check for me to see which screen the USC game would be on, when she got the chance. She returned and told us that they were still searching for it, and she'd let me know when she found out what t.v. it would be on. I went to the restroom, and when I returned, my husband said she had come back and told him that "they couldn't find the game. Sorry."

I was under the impression that 810 Zone had the College Gameplan package. So not being able to "find" the game would be impossible, really, as long as that package has been paid for. I called the Brooksider to see if they had any trouble finding the game. It was playing on several of their televisions, they told me. So we paid for our drinks, and headed to the Brooksider instead. We had planned on sitting at 810 Zone, watching the USC game, eating dinner and having several drinks, and instead, we had to lose a quarter of a very important game to drive to another bar in order to see the game between two highly ranked teams. Which is just verging on the ridiculous, IMO.

Perhaps it was my mistake, because I didn't call ahead to find out if there would be a problem. It was my first time visiting the bar this year, and while I haven't had any problems in the past, I guess maybe KC Hopps isn't paying for the College Gameplan package in any of their bars this year? It's bad enough I can't watch the games at the Blue Moose anymore. (Allison has told me the expense just isn't worth it, because they don't draw the crowds that want to watch games that are available on the Gameplan package. My argument remains that if she had the package, then she'd have the crowd, but that's just my opinion as a customer that's been going there for 6 years to watch college ball.) But now I can't even count on 810 to play them for me on one of their teeny screens somewhere in the bar/restaurant?

Are you guys trying to drive business away intentionally? I know I'm only one person, but I'd still hope my experience on Saturday might have some level of importance to someone there at your office.

Please feel free to call me if you have any questions. I certainly hope to hear from someone at corporate about this issue within the next day. (My rewards account is under the name "[Faith Smith]" in case you'd like to look up my spending history with KC Hopps. I'm a regular at the Moose in P.V. and have been for 6 years now.)

[Faith Smith]"

UPDATE: KC Hopps has, frankly, surprised me on this one. I spoke to the assistant GM at the 810 Zone we went to, and he was nice and understanding about the problem we had on Saturday night, and then I just got off the phone with one of the gentlemen at the corporate office as well, and he apologized for the experience we had. They assured me that 810 Zone does, of course, have the College Gameplan package, and that the USC game not only shouldn't have been too difficult to find, but should have already been on one of the t.v.'s without us having to ask for it. I told the corporate guy (I forget his name already...damned headache!) that the crowd seemed to be overwhelming the bar servers. Had that not been the case, I'm sure it wouldn't have been a crappy experience at all, in the long run. He agreed, and said he's going to talk to the management there about what went wrong overall.

Again, very surprising. And appreciated! I'll definitely keep 810 Zone on our list of options even though Saturday night kind of marred their reputation with me a bit...this response to my complaint totally makes up for it, IMO!


faithstwin said...

Can you please speak with EDD for me? I need a rapid response more than you do!

I finally spoke with someone returning my call this morning. KNow when I left a message looking to speak to someone? Last Monday. She was no help but she *did* tell me how long I can expect to wait to hear back on the appeal sitch. "10 to 14 days."


I think I'm gonna set up a table in front of Target/Vons/McDonald's with a sign asking people to donate to Single Mom's Fund pretty soon. All proceeds go to ME.

Jill Pilgrim said...

Now that's service!

A Year on the Grill said...

The KC Hopps people have always run a class place. We live near Barley's Brewhouse in Lenexa, and the staff always is very helpful and agreeable about the TV (I also go to watch the game sometimes). they are my bar of choice.

Having said that, I have been to 810 Zone twice and each time was a disappointment. I think they are a victim of their own success. Too crowded and too loud for me.