Monday, October 12, 2009

Maybe it's some sort of sign.

I had almost debilitating heartburn as we buzzed through the self-checkout after spending about 40 minutes in the Walmart grocery not too far from our house yesterday afternoon.

"Gah! I need a zantac...and some wine!" I told Leo as we headed out to the car.

Then we ran into Whole Foods for 3 items that Walmart has apparently no interest in carrying (fontina cheese, ridichio lettuce, and a buffalo shoulder), and as we headed out of that store, I suddenly took notice that my heartburn was gone.

Hm. ::ponders significance of it all::


faithstwin said...

Ha! People of Walmart give you heartburn? That's terrible.

We want a Whole Foods to take over the space that Linens N' Things left last year. It would be PERFECT.

Faith said...

Twin, I think that must be it. The randomness of their cart-pushing techniques, mixed with their inability to deal with their crying children tends to push me to places that test my intestinal fortitude!

You soooo need a Whole Foods. Start writing them letters! If you can turn yourself into a hippie, maybe you could even look into a job there someday! :D

faithstwin said...

You mean my Frumpy Mom appearance isn't close enough to hippie? Maybe if they come to my house and see that I just don't give a shit about picking up they'll see that I truly am just a happy, easy going hidden gem. =P