Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Not just for driving, you know.

So Monday is kind of a wavy, weird blur of a day to me at this point. My headache got consistently worse throughout the day, so I went home from work a little before 2 and took a new pain pill and tried to sleep it off. The pain pill I took was successful...the pain was knocked out, thank goodness! But at the same time, it made me extremely drowsy. This wouldn't have been a problem, since all I wanted to do was sleep in a cool, dark room with a headache like that attacking me, but it also had the side effect of making my limbs all feel like they were made of lead. (Which it warned about on the box, so I was prepared! As long as it didn't have the same side effects of making me feel like I was having a heart attack like the previous one I tried, I was willing to give it a go.)

After an hour of sleep, I woke up from a nightmare (another fun side effect, apparently) with a distinct need to pee. I laid there and tried to convince my arms to push me over to the side of the bed. No good. I told my legs to kick off the blankets so my arms might have an easier time of it. Nuh-uh.

After a good 3 minutes of thinking about moving, and then worrying about whether I was going to piss the bed, I finally was able to make my brain connect with my limbs, and made them move me to the bathroom. Slowly. And with the help of the wall to lean on.

It was so. weird.

I slept for another couple of hours after that, again with more nightmares interrupting the peace, and finally forced myself to wake up at 6, so I could be assured of a good night's sleep that night. I know this was different from the average "nap" but still...I went to sleep at 2:30. I didn't want to wind up being wide awake at 2 or 3 in the morning, thereby totally fucking up everything I was doing to get the headache to go away and make myself feel better, you know? Plus, srsly, those dreams were disturbing. I wanted to stop having them, if possible.

Leo hit up a new (to us) liquor store on the way home from grabbing us sandwiches from Jimmy John's for dinner that night. He came home and told me that he had found a bottle of one of our favorite wines in a merlot, but knew that we prefer the cab in that brand. So he asked the salesgirl for help. She said she didn't know if they carried anything called "cab". She looked and saw that they had something called a "cabernet sauvignon", but no "cab".

:blink blink:

Leo told her he was fine with the cabernet sauvignon, and headed out.

Good times. ::shaking head::


faithstwin said...

That's some seriously messed up stuff. Can't move arms and legs? WTF!? I guess next time put an adult diaper on just in case.

Layla said...

That IS messed up!... And I know the feeling... When I was a teenager, I screwed up my eye and was in a lot of pain, my dad's answer was to give me some of my step-monster's pain meds, and gave me a whole pill instead of the 1/2 pill he should have apparently... At one point, I couldn't even FEEL my arms and legs, it was the weirdest sensation and really freaky.

Also, I would so have to go back and mess with that girl at the liquor store. Some opportunities are just too much fun to pass up on ;)

Faith said...

Yeah, there might have to be some more visits to that store, just to see what other fabulous liquor-related knowledge could possibly be missing from that chick's head. ( could she never have heard it refered to as "cab" before?)

I think the warning on the package talks about losing mobility in your legs, which makes sense. And also is scary as hell. When I first read all the possible side effects on the meds the neurologist gave me (he gave me 3 different kinds to try, so we can figure out which one works best for me), I honestly freaked out a little. They can all cause heart attacks, or chest pain that feels like I'm having a heart attack, they all cause a loss of mobility in the limbs, they all cause sleepiness (which is fine, really), and they all can be bad to take if you're fat and have high blood pressure. The problem being that I always have elevated blood pressure when I'm in the middle of a cluster attack. Because it hurts like a mofo!!! So it's literally like biting the bullet when I take them. Scary.

Nuke said...

For the record I have never heard of it being called "Cab" but I could have figured it out. Maybe it was her first few days. Glad the pills worked!

And Off-topic, THANK You for linking to Pilgrim Congress!

Faith said...

Hahahaha! You are welcome, my friend. Jillian is the fucking BOMB. (And she really is that pretty, too. She's a total package of awesomeness.)

You've never heard of it refered to as cab? Huh. Well...I feel kinda bad for mocking the store chick now! :D