Friday, October 02, 2009

Resizing America

So I went to the Gap at lunch, because I had a coupon for 25% off, but had to use it in the store. And I found a couple of cute skirts on sale, yay. And then a bunch of tops I tried on didn't work - they were too long, or a wee bit too tight, or made my boobs look saggier than they are - so boo.

Apparently, they recently updated their jeans sizing. I'm not sure if it's in all denim, but the salesguy brought me a pair of "boyfriend" jeans that are fucking adorable, and they FIT ME. And they're a size 16. :insert shocked face: (I usually wear a 20 from Gap. Even the 18's are a teensy bit too small to be comfy.) The salesguy asked me if I wanted to try even the next size down, and I assured him that would likely put me into a muffintop territory that wouldn't be good for anyone around me. (Which got a snicker from the dressing room next to me...hahaha! I'm glad someone in there understood what I was talking about!)

Now, I'm not one to generally encourage the resizing of clothes to fit a larger population. But if it allows me to buy clothes in the store instead of online? And actually see in action how it makes my ass look before I buy it? I'm a happy camper.

Just thought I'd share. What do you guys think about them changing their sizes? The salesguy told me that some women had been able to go down 2, and in some cases, 3 sizes in order to find a pair that fit them. And then they have a tendency to stretch another 1/2 size after you wear them a bit. Which will be perfect for my new size 16's, but I don't know how the lady trying on the size 2's a couple of rooms down felt about it. (But I really don't care about that skinny bitch' opinion anyway. :P)


faithstwin said...

I like it. I agree with the it's-easier-to-shop for theory.

Go Gap!

Jill Pilgrim said...

Now I just wish more stores would start carrying petites. I'm 5'1", yo- help a girl out!

faithstwin said...

Jill! WHAT are you talking about? You have major dept stores that carry petites; mainstream designers (such as Armani, Ann Taylor, Max Mara...) even Kohls has a petites section!

Meh... said...

sweet - i'm heading to the gap! going down 2-3 sizes = happy me! woohoo!