Monday, October 12, 2009

Um, isn't *every day* "boss's day"?

My coworker just sent out an email to the team of admins we're a part of that said, "Boss's Day is Friday: anyone want to share what they are doing or buying?"

I want to reply, "Isn't every day "Boss's Day"? :P I think I might just get him a 6 pack again. Like usual. Or maybe I'll just send a letter to Hallmark and tell them that creating a day especially for kissing our boss's ass was sort of redundant of them, and I expect better in their next "day" creation, dammit!"

But I don't know if that'll go over too well.

Srsly, someone please explain the point of Boss's Day to me, will ya? And while you're at it, per request of the Twin, WTF is up with "Columbus Day"? I don't get the day off, and the stock market is open, but mail delivery is shut down, as are banks. Why? Why do the banks need to celebrate Columbus while the rest of us get up at our normal time, and go to our jobs, like it's any other Monday?


Ms. Pants said...

Boss's Day was obviously thought up by a boss that was fucked off that admins get their own day/week. (For the record, I think all work-related holidays are stupid. We get salaries. Fuck holidays.)

Personally, I'd like Boss's Day to be the day shit rolls UPHILL. Because every goddamn day is Boss's Day.

That said, I contributed to our mass BD fund so that I could get my name on the card. But my little bosses (the team I'm assigned to who aren't "technically" my bosses but whom I like quite a bit) will all be getting a little handmade trinket.... On Monday cos we all have Friday off to make up for working on Labour Day.

Erin said...

Pretty much all of DC is shut down for C Squared. It was so quiet on my walk to the metro today.

faithstwin said...

Ok, so Columbus Day is good for less traffic. Check.

Get the Boss 5 lotto tickets. If he wins, WOOHOO! Maybe he'll share with you... If he doesn't, no skin off his nose. And it only cost $5.

Faith said...

Hmm...the lotto ticket thing is kind of a good idea.

I remembered that he didn't get me anything for admin professonal's day this year either, and I just let it go because, well...I really don't care.

But in remembering it, maybe I DO care. And I need to smite him a lil' bit for it.

Krissy said...

I'm with you on all of it - especially bosses day. I had a dream last night that for bosses day we sang "For she's a jolly good bitch!" and hung banners reading "Batshit crazy" and "We hate you." LMAO. I've been thinking about this a while... (My name is linked to my new blog). :)

Layla said...

OK, I have to admit I was rather indifferent to the whole thing until I got to work this morning. Apparently ALL of the admins got together and put together one AMAZING pot luck breakfast spread... YUM!... Any excuse for free home baked goodies works for me :)