Monday, November 30, 2009

Living room update: the finished product (almost)

Enough with the blue ball...Nora wants to know what happened with the blue wall! I hear that!

So here we go on a little 360 degree tour of our updated living room. (Which has also been decorated for Christmas, fyi. Hence the red fabrics and huge stockings on the bookcase...) This is the south side of the room, where we keep all the sunshine...
...Continuing on around to the north side, where we keep the couch...
...turning slightly so you can see how nicely the blue stripes match with the gray color we chose...
...and how the stripes look in the light of the afternoon...
...they aren't distracting at all behind the t.v....
...and voila! Down the hallway they end!
That mirror over there against the wall? It used to look like this:
I painted that ivy pattern on it back when I was living in my apartment down south, and was still in love with everything green and leafy. It was nice to finally get it painted a new color, and say goodbye to the ivy pattern that dominated my college years!

We do have one issue that remains, and I think I've given in and am just dealing with the disappointment of it overall. When Leo hung the curtains last week, I celebrated their beauty. And then I closed them to make sure they covered the windows, should they ever need to be shut like that. And then I stepped back,
Leo stepped back, and looked for what I was cocking my head at. And then he noticed it, too.

The stripes...they do not quite line up. Because they started the pattern at the top in a different place on each panel, it appears...
WTF? ::sigh:: I guess that's what I can expect to get when I buy them for $30 each at Bed, Bath, & Beyond, right?
Anyway, we're close to being done with it all. We're planning on buying a new "rug" from Flor sometime soon, and we also want to give ourselves the Christmas gift that keeps on giving...i.e. a new coffee table. So hopefully that'll complete the space for us for now.
And then we can attack the kitchen. We're thinking of painting the cabinets black...

Newest blue ball activity...

I'm posting this first this week, since I know the Twin is probably losing her shit wanting to see it. So here we go!

The blue ball disappeared again a few weeks ago, when Leo and I started the painting project in the living room. It had been "living" behind the photo of my mom on top of our bookcase in the living room, so when we moved everything around, of course it came down and was back in play for the puppies. It disappeared a couple of days later from the kitchen.

Flash forward to last week, when I was hopeful that the blue ball would reappear during the Twin's visit...but she wasn't able to come, as you well know, so I went ahead and told Jeffers to give it back whenever, if he wanted, since Twin and her girls wouldn't be here after all.

Thursday night, I was getting ready for bed, and headed out of the bathroom into the bedroom to get undressed. For some reason, I glanced up at to the top of the blinds, and saw a glimpse of the blue ball peeking out at me from behind the curtain, which you can see in these pictures I took the following morning:

Can you see it? Here, I zoomed in a bit...

And here's a final zoom for the older folks out there that don't know what they're looking for/at:

I made a little video, too, so that's down at the end of this post. I have no idea how long the ball was there, because it wasn't visible from any other angle than this one, really. I think it was just that day, though, because I've gotten in the habit of scanning all odd locations for the ball whenever it's missing, which is likely the reason why I glanced up to this spot when I was getting undressed. I've probly been doing it subconsciously for a while.

Anyway, I took it down later that day, and it was in the kitchen that night, at which point Jeffers apparently took it upon himself to put it in a "safer" spot on the shelf under our kitchen table/island. (When I went to bed on Friday night, it was next to the dogs' water bowl. The next morning, I noticed it was on the shelf under the table. I asked Leo if he put it there, and he confirmed that he didn't move it.)

I'll keep an eye on it and see if it stays there. You never know with Jeffers! Here's the video I shot:

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

So. quiet.

It's nice in the office around the holiday season. Quiet and mellow. I like it this way.

The Twin won't be able to come out and visit us this week, after all. I'm disappointed, of course, as is Leo, but we totally understand. I'm really proud of her for being so on top of her finances, and in control of her situation right now, actually. She had a pile of money issues fall on her all at once (first it was the front brakes on her car, and then one of her puppies had a tumor-like growth on her face she needed to have checked, and then yesterday she learned her rear brakes needed replacing as well...), and as we all know, those kinds of unexpected obligations piling up all at once can be killers to the ol' bank account! So the drive out here just wouldn't be prudent, is the thing.

Unfortunately, I decided to buy a frozen turkey on Sunday, and thaw it in the fridge all week, because it was cheaper than buying one fresh or already thawed or whatever. So now Leo and I have to figure out how to work a 14 pound turkey into our meals for the next week! Should be fun, I think. ;)

I'm done with my work week after today, so posting might be light for the rest of the week. If I don't post again before Thanksgiving, I hope everyone has a lovely holiday (except for those of you in the service industry, who likely don't get the holiday at all, like Leo...), and have as much in their lives to be thankful for as I do.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Free money...for them?

So I've noticed, as I'm sure everyone else around town has, that the Boulevard Brewing Co has come up with a plan to help the city turn around it's woeful situation involving recycling glass containers...namely that unless you live in Johnson County, you don't have an option to get it done. And so springs forth Ripple Glass. And all of it's convenient containers to collect your crap. (i.e. glass bottles and such. I was just digging the aliteration there...)

I thought it was going to be kept to the Missouri side of the state line, but then I saw a collection container at Whole Foods on Metcalf yesterday, and realized they were being put everywhere. I alerted Leo to the situation, since we tend to collect a loooo-hoooot of glass containers in our household on a monthly basis (we're wine-o's), and told him that maybe a weekly dump at that location will help lighten his monthly trip to the recycling center out south.

The thing is, I wonder how much Boulevard is making from this venture. As far as I know, all those glass containers have a redemption value to them. And except for a select few states, I'm pretty sure you're supposed be able to turn in all the bottles for a return of $.5, or something. The Twin does it in CA, so maybe she can speak more to the value of them, seeing as she collects a pretty penny from her recycling whenever she turns it in!

Are we in one of those select few locations where the glass is worth nothing? Or are we missing out on a great opportunity to collect on our efforts to be greener and reduce landfills? Hmm...some interesting info I just found via Google/Wikipedia on the subject:

- Maine, Vermont, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, Iowa, Michigan, Delware, Hawaii, and California are the 11 states that currently have the recycling redemption legislation in place.

- Studies show that beverage container legislation has reduced total roadside litter by between 30% and 64% in the states with bottle bills.

- Studies also show that the recycling rate for beverage containers is vastly increased with a bottle bill. The US beverage container recycling rate was 39.4% in 2001. States with bottle bills recycle approximately 78% while states lacking bottle bill legislation only recycle approximately 23%.

Um, I think we might need that legislation, yo.

Friday, November 20, 2009

She's the evil/crazy/mean/littler one...

As the Twin mentioned in yesterday's comments, she and her daughters will be driving out to our house for the Thanksgiving holiday next week. I didn't mention it yesterday because I was saving the info for today (so I'd have something to post about), and also because when I was referencing the fact that nothing was going on right now, I meant that there isn't any drama in my life. At the moment anyway. Dad is doing well, Leo still loves me (for some reason), ex-"friends" are leaving me alone like I asked, etc, etc...

Which is all very nice, and yay.

Of course we're excited about their visit! Twin's kids get the whole fucking week off from school (which is ridiculous, and don't even get me started on the whole teacher conference days thing, where teachers need to take Thursdays off to fucking prepare for them to happen on Fridays, so kids often get 4 day weekends at random times these days, too, and seriously, how're kids supposed to learn that the Real World doesn't have random and stupid holidays like this if school isn't teaching them about it, hm? Because guess what kids! We don't get all that time off once we get to the Real World!!! Look forward to your 30's, because hopefully by then you will have been at a job for more than 10 years, and you maybe get more than 3 weeks off annually. Yeah. That's right. Only THREE. Have fun, you little pains in the ass! Hahahahaha!), so they're heading out here on Monday and expect to arrive on Wednesday night, and then leave on Saturday after Thanksgiving. I'm very excited to be able to have them over for a few days! They haven't been here since the wedding, so they haven't seen the addition on the house, or had the chance to meet Jake should be fun.

I tried to talk the Twin into waiting until the Friday after T-Giving to go see the new Twilight movie, but she wasn't having it. She's one of those odd types that bought her ticket in advance for a showing today. She's there right now. I'd imagine it's about 2/3 done by now. Hm, maybe I should text her to find out. Maybe I should text her to see if it sucks. Maybe I should text her to see if she still loves me even though I think she's a bit over the edge on the whole Twilight thing. Maybe I should text her to tell her that even though I know she's a bit over the edge, I still don't think she's as bad as some people are with the whole thing, and that I really commend her for being able to see that Stephenie Meyer is NOT all that good of a writer, and didn't even write the fucking movies anyway, and so people should stop connecting the books and the movies so closely because aside from the general story line, they're really two different things. (Cndnsg wds so tt wld al ft, btw.)

Me? I can do without seeing it right away. I'd put it off a few weeks (months?) actually, if it weren't for the Twin and her girls being here. I think it'll be more fun to see it with people who are fans of the books as much as they are. Leo stopped reading halfway through the 2nd book, so he can take or leave the movies, really. He'd go with me to see it, and he'd be happy doing it...but only because he loves going to the movies as much as he does.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Some are luckier than others.

Today is the day of our annual fall pot luck lunch here at the office. I made an "old fashioned" macaroni salad (sans celery, because celery is the equivalent of throwing Satan's fingernail clippings into a recipe, IMO), as well as a pumpkin bar recipe that has me just about drooling in anticipation of lunch while it sits on the other end of my desk. Both chosen for their cheapness and ease of transport/set up (I'm so done with bringing my stuffing recipe in a crock pot every year, it's not even funny), I actually wound up really pleased with the outcome of both, thank goodness!

I have to say I'm really proud of the pumpkin bars...they have a cream cheese icing on top that I made from scratch, and is the main reason for the drool issue at present. It's such an easy process to make it! I think I might be topping a hell of a lot more stuff with cream cheese icing from now on...cookies, cupcakes, meatloaf, etc...

Sorry things have been slow around here this week. I'm tired. And yesterday wound up being ridiculously busy when all my attempts to reserve a room for an hour long meeting in 2 weeks were thwarted by the evilness that is a suddenly full building. Made me miss the days when I could run through the halls naked without seeing anyone else for hours...aahhh...nakedness.

There's literally nothing else going on right now. Which, I suppose, could be seen as a good thing, right? Hell, after the year I've had, I'll take it! I deserve a couple of quiet months to finish out the year, dammit.

UPDATE: Note to self - never make macaroni salad for a pot luck again. Not sure if it was due to the lack of a proper dishing out utensil, or the fact that someone put a tin foil cover (!!!) on my container after I served some to myself, but I was the only one who took any. ::sigh:: At least it only cost me about $4 to make!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Can't see the wall for the stripes.

Since some asked to see them, I finally uploaded some photos of the finished product of the blue wall from hell in our living room that we completed last week, and decided subsequently that we hated and weren't about to live with it. It was just. so. much. BLUE.
Evidence of what different light can do to the it is in a dark moment:
And here it is in a bright flashy moment!
Our living room has a tendency to reflect color back in very different and funky ways. We really loved the gray we chose, because it seems to stay pretty true to itself in all lights. It's a winner. So when we chose the new colors for the gym locker room wall from hell, we went with ones that would of course match the gray, but also were more gray in tone. We found a blue one we liked, as well as a slate color that was pleasant. And so we decided to break the wall up even more into smaller stripes of color, and use both the new blue and the slate, and add a line of gray to bring in the color used on the other three walls. Here's what the samples of the slate and blue looked like. (Slate is on the left...)
So we got to work bright and early on Sunday, painting out the gray lines so we could tape them up and get to work on painting the rest of the stripes. FYI, the stripes are relatively easy to do. The laser level makes taping go quickly, but the labor intensive part is when you caulk the tape so the paint won't seep under it, and so you can get straighter/crisper lines. I HATE the caulking part. Leo is forevermore in charge of all caulking at our house.
The thing is that even in that picture above, you can probably see that the gray was coming out more beige in tone, compared to the wall over to the left in the photo. It was bugging me, but I figured it would dry darker, or more true to tone, or something.
Painting the new colors went quicker after we locked Jake in the kitchen to keep him from leaning against the wall as I painted it. Damned dude keeps getting paint all over his back and ass!
I was loving the color combo we chose as I stepped back to take pictures of our work in progress. LOVING IT.
But then Leo started taking down the tape...

And damned if that gray line didn't look beiger than ever! And the baby blue color doesn't look chic and pretty in this looks more 80's than anything else. I told Leo that the whole thing reminded me of a sweater my brother used to wear in high school. (Pastels were in back then...for some reason.) ::sigh::

I hate it. Last night I told Leo not to worry about cleaning up those lines that didn't caulk well, because I just want to paint over them all together. I liked it better when it was just the blue and the slate, and that was it. So we're going to paint one more time and just get rid of the separating stripes, and have it all be the blue and slate, and then call it a day. FINALLY. We have so much paint on that wall now, I'm afraid it could collapse from the weight of it!

That...can't happen, right?

Monday, November 16, 2009

Painting SUCKS.

Ok, we're done painting the walls in the living room. Now we just need to tackle the trim, and Leo needs to clean up a couple of the lines that didn't work out, and we'll be good to go.

Unfortunately, I still feel like I've been hit with a mac truck today, so I can't say I care about it at all anymore. I want our living room back the way it was! And to sleep for another 5 hours! I think I have a cluster headache, but it's not a terrible one, so I can't tell really. That isn't helping, to be honest.

The blue ball hasn't reappeared since it's last disappearance, so that's why I haven't updated on that. Instead, Jeffers has taken to opening things that are supposed to be shut. Yesterday morning, I rolled over to face my side table, and the top drawer was just wide open. I looked in it, hoping that the blue ball would be in it, but nope. It was For fun, I guess. ::shrugs::

Then, we went out to get painting supplies from Home Depot, and to grab lunch, and came home to find that the doors to the guest bedroom and the office had been opened while we were gone. I shut them again, and went into our bedroom (that door wasn't open, for whatever reason), and the top drawer on my bedside table was open again. I yelled out to Leo, "The drawer is open again!" His reply? "Maybe the ghost knows that's where we keep the condoms and lube. He wants us to have butt sex."


I'll post pictures tomorrow. Of the living room. Not of...other things. You're welcome in advance.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Oops! Or wait...yum?

Last night, while Leo was out playing bocce against the KC eye-talians in a league with his buddies, I decided to make cookies for my coworkers. I have several different chocolate chip cookie recipes, but have become partial to this one lately, because its so easy (melted butter instead of having to pull out the mixer and cream it), and the results are yummy. (Duh. They're chocolate chip cookies. Of course the results are yummy!)

The only thing is that I also really love this other recipe I have for oatmeal choco chip cookies that calls for whole wheat flour, ground rolled oats, and a couple of tablespoons of vegetable oil to reduce the amount of butter that's usually required in most cookie recipes, so it cuts down on the saturated fat in them. They are delicious, but they require a bit of work. (I can't find the recipe online right now, so I can't link to it...sorry! If anyone is interested, let me know, and I'll get it written and sent over to you from the recipe I have printed at home.)

So last night, I decided I wanted to be lazy, but still try to make the cookies somewhat healthy. I have a ton of the whole wheat flour, for some reason, so I've been using it when I can, and I decided to sub the all-purpose flour in the recipe up top with the whole wheat flour instead.

It didn't occur to me that it would cause any kind of problem at all (I'm not much of a baker, as the Twin can attest to), until I got halfway through adding the dry mix to the wet mix, and my dough was turning into a dry ball of scariness. I still had at least a cup of flour to add to the dough! I kind of started whining at myself, hoping I wasn't ruining the cookies, and just pushed on and kept adding until my arm felt like it might fall off. (Being careful not to overmix, of course! I didn't need to help the cookies turn into bigger rocks than they already were looking like they might be.)

But, surprisingly, they turned out to be really good! They aren't as sweet as a regular choco chip cookie is, and there's something attractive to me in that aspect. So if your arm is up to the mixing challenge, I say go for it! I'm all for finding a relatively healthy way to have a treat, and this is definitely one way to achieve it.

Happy Friday, everyone!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

So, my dad's neighbor is crazy.

The last couple of times we've been home to visit my dad, we've been privvy to a fair amount of construction going on up his teensy street. Dad and step mom live in a small community of about 9 neighbors that are all fairly well off, and have lived relatively harmoniously for many years now. The arguments about land issues and home association issues have been interesting in the past because dad was a moderator between two of the dudes that live up there, and they both behave like teenagers fighting over a girl when it comes to the neighborhood stuff. Now that dad is sick, and doesn't put up with that shit anymore, I don't know who moderates for them, but they're both still alive, and haven't burned each others' houses down, or anything, so I assume that they've worked things out.

Dad's direct neighbor is a doctor, and has a nice little family, and bought the house maybe 2 years after dad built ours. I can't exactly remember. I do remember is that it was in a state of disrepair due to foundation problems, and he came in and made it all nice again. He also brought a few annoying dogs, a couple of horses, some alpacas, and a peacock that used to find it's way into our yard on a regular basis, but his handsome sons made all that much easier for ME to deal with at least. (Plus, I was mostly off to college by the time he was there, so I didn't give a fuck, really.) I like the idea of keeping on their good side because (a) they live directly next door to Dad, and (b) they have a bed and breakfast/country home someplace in France. Outside of Paris. Yeah...I wanna go there, dammit.

I don't really give a shit about the other neighbors, because they're mostly nice people, and they all tend to keep to themselves, really.

Except for the new retar- I mean, guy that built a house across from dad's a few years back. This is the house, and the view we have of it from the bottom of the driveway...

Thankfully, it's low-lying, so it doesn't obstruct our view of the ocean from dad's house.

This is the backside of the buggar:

And you might wonder why I'm showing that to, who cares, right?

Well, the reason why is because the house above it in the picture?
Yeah, that ALSO belongs to the guy that built across from dad. He's been working on it for the past year or so, and tearing up the street in the process. (Sorry for the grainy quality of the photo...I didn't zoom in properly when I was taking the original shots.)

The guy is nuts, ok? I mean, I would guess it has something to do with the view, or maybe the first one wasn't big enough, or something, but regardless, in this economy, unless you're Warren Buffet or Bill Gates, or something, WTF would you be building a bunch of houses right next to each other like that?

It just goes to show that it seems like dad's neighborhood just draws the crazy, for whatever reason. But at least they keep to themselves, for the most part, I guess. It could be worse. They could be running around flashing people, or what have you. So we thank our lucky stars for that, at the very least!

While we were there in September, Leo and I were lucky enough to get to experience the final resurfacing of the street to dad's. As you can see, it's not a wide street...two cars can pass each other on it, but I can't say there haven't been any accidents up there that involved some side-swiping. ::looks away and whistles innocently::
They had dumped a bunch of dirt and gravel before they poured the new pavement, which they were planning on doing the Monday before Leo and I left to head back home. That same day, we were heading to Lake Arrowhead (where the Twin and I spent a few of our formative years when we were growing up...I wanted to show Leo around) for the day, and we had to park our car at the bottom of the street, so they could get started bright and early Monday morning. We walked down to the car, went to Lake Arrowhead, and when we got back that early evening, we found the street had been completed:
Yay for the pretty, nice blacktop! Although it was still a wee bit wet at the bottom, and in walking on it, I permanently planted some gravel into my flip flops I had on at the time. Surprisingly, this does NOT give them more traction someplace like, say, the Walmart Grocery or the Blue Moose.

Tomorrow, Ill put up the few pictures that Leo and I took when we were in Arrowhead, and bring this baby full-circle. The Twin can fill in any random details that might be interesting for people to know about the neighbors in the comments, if I left anything important and pertinent out, I'd imagine.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Oh. Ooohhh nooooo...

Aw. Izzy was taahred. She was under the blanky somehow, so I took pictures of her being cute...

No? Not the pictures you were hoping for? Ok, how about these? Izzy performs her magical balancing toy act for your enjoyment! Daah dah dah dah daaah, dah dah dah dah, dah dah dah, dah daaaah...
It's standing on it's fucking head!
I have no idea!
Oh. Those weren't the photos you wanted, either. Hm.


I'm gonna have to show you the living room, aren't I? No, Im not hesitating because it looks bad or because we absolutely hate it or anything. Pshaw! What? No. We are...fine with it. It looks like we're living in a chic space half the time, and a gym locker room the other half, but yeah! Its totally what we were aiming for. Alright, see for yourselves...

Here's the old living room color. Plain, blah, boring because we were planning on selling the house the year after we got married. And then the economy happened, and tours of houses with washers and dryers in the kitchen happened, and we decided that, hey! Our house isn't all that bad, really. Just needs some extra space, and it's totally liveable. So we did that instead. And we've been living in the boring living room ever since. ::ponders previous boring living room with a surprising amount of fondness::
So the plan was to paint 3 of the walls a neutral block of color, and then we'd have the one long wall behind the t.v. painted as a focal wall with stripes, and a bolder color than the other 3 walls. Here's the process we went through for the stripes:
Paint the stripes.
Tape over them with 1.5 inch tape when it was dry...
We used the same color for the stripe that we have in our bedroom and the hallway.
See how the wall is sectioned the same way it was in the inspiration photo? Our stripes were slightly thicker than the ones in the inspiration, but it was the same theory we went with.

The other three walls are a gray that we really love. It turned out perfect!
Here it is in the daylight after Leo finished the first coat...

When he finished that, he slapped up the primer for the focal wall. Now, it was a bit bright, but it was just primer. Juuussst...prriiiimeeerrrr... Yeah, the blue and the gray look pretty good together...
But the blue alone? WHOAH. Whoah, whoah, whoah. And NO.

We fucked up. We admit it. I won't even show you what it looks like with the stripes in place, because the color was coming out all crazy in the light last night on my camera, and I was so over it.

We're going to pick out new paint tonight or tomorrow. A nice lighter blue, or a blue-gray. Or a gray-blue. Because we kind of pretty much hate it as it is. Gah. More pictures to come next week! ::sigh::

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Blog issues.

I've been trying to figure out why several of the blogs in my blog list are not showing when they've been updated, and I'm hitting a brick wall. Seems this is a problem a lot of people are experiencing, and for some reason, Blogger is unwilling or unable to fix the problem. So Nora and Layla and others who are updating and its not showing, I'm sorry! I tried...I even thought clearing my cache and history might do it, but it failed me as well. ::weeps:: At least I know to check your blogs now, even if it isn't showing an updated post! So I'm glad you guys said something to me. :)

Other fun developments: I can't visit Everything is Wrong With Me from work anymore, because they say it has adult content. Which is weird because Jason isn't any dirtier than I am, IMO, but whatever. So today, I saw that he'd updated yet again (he's been on relative fire lately, since he's made the move back to New York from LA, it seems), so I decided to check it out on the old BlackBerry. And fuck if it isn't showing as being blocked from THERE, too! WTF? My BlackBerry is a work phone, but it's never done anything like this to me before. For months, I was unable to read Dooce, so I did it on my BB instead, and it worked fine. So today, I checked to see if I was "granted" the permission for reading Dooce on my work computer again, and sure enough, it's back up and available to read from my desk.

It's all very confusing. Because as far as I'm concerned, my BB is my private line, dammit. Yes, it's connected to my work email, but that's as far as the work link should go. It certainly shouldn't be censoring the damned websites I visit, FFS.

The paint job in the living room is moving right along. Leo plans on finishing up the blue wall when he gets home from work today, and then we're done until Sunday with the project. That's when we plan on painting all the moldings. I might do some of the "easy" ones myself on Saturday, but we'll have to see how that pans out. I'll upload the photos of the progress tonight, though, and share them tomorrow so you can all tell me how much you hate/love/feel mediocrely towards our color choices this time around. Should be fun!

If anyone has any ideas on how to fix the blog list issues I'm having, share in the comments, please. Thanks!

Monday, November 09, 2009

Expect pictures soon

We're in the process of updating our living room seems like we just painted it, but it was actually about 3 years ago when we did it. So it was time for a change. I'm even getting new curtains for it. I can't wait!

The wall behind the television is a big, boring slab, so we're making it a sort of focal wall by painting it a blue color, and striping it. I'm more attracted to this kind of a stripe, personally...
But seeing as how I like my marriage as it is, and all, I decided not to push that one on Leo. He decided that this one was the type we should work towards...

So we found the main blue color we want for the big stripes, and then we're accenting it with a light blue stripe that matches the wall color in our bedroom and hallway. Our whole house is turning blue, it seems. We love the color, but we're gonna have some painting to do if we ever plan to put it on the market! (I told him last night, after my 50 gazillionth trip up the ladder, that maybe we'll have it professionally painted if we ever sell it. That seems like a good plan.)

The living room always takes quite a bit of work. We cleaned out the room yesterday, after a breakfast of blueberry bagels, and then we hit up the old Home Depot for supplies. By the time we finally got down and dirty, it was about 1 p.m. I cleaned all the baseboards, because they were fucking filthy, and then I sanded all the patching we'd done prior to leaving for HD earlier. Of course, then I had to clean the baseboards again, but at least I could just quickly vacuum them, and move on. I was cutting in on the 3 main walls (we're painting them a light gray color), and Leo was painting the stripes on the accent wall. He finished up the night by painting the 2nd coat on the cut-in, since I suck so badly at painting, it's not even funny, and I heated up dinner for us, and called it a night.

And today, every muscle in my back hurts. Of course. ::sigh:: Painting is a work-out like none other, I tell ya. My feet were aching all night from all the climbing and crouching and crawling that had to be done, so I find it somewhat miraculous that I'm able to put shoes on and walk in a normal way today. Leo will be doing a fair amount of the work on his own today while he's home, and I'm at work, but that really is for the best. I'm just not very good at painting, no matter how many times I've done it.

BTW, blue ball fans: In all the cleaning up in the living room, we lost the blue ball again. It had been in the kitchen yesterday, but I looked for it this morning when I noticed it wasn't with any other toys, and couldn't find it. Jake might have taken it outside, but if it shows up someplace unusual, I'll be sure to let you know! I kind of expected it to disappear, though, with all the activity and change we're causing with the paint job. Huh...I just thought about that...our affinity for blue paint in the living room, bathroom, and master bedroom, and the blue ball being the thing that disappears all the time. Hm. Kind of interesting.

Anyway, look for pictures tomorrow or Wednesday. I'm so excited for the change, I can hardly wait to get home today!

Friday, November 06, 2009

To help your Friday move along quicker/happier...

Ok, so I may be all washed up for the week, but thankfully, other bloggers are not.

In particular, Dan over at [redacted] has been updating and posting over the past few weeks regarding his trip to Asia with his girlfriend Brooke. And let me just say that they had an...interesting time there. If you haven't discovered the joy that is Dan prior to now, and you haven't been reading his updates recently, I encourage you to get your butt over there NOW. The trip seems to have brought out the "old" Dan that I've known (and secretly loved...and possibly thought dirty things about) and read for many years now.

Even if you read none of the other posts, please make sure you catch his latest one. (I think it might be the last post about the Asia trip, but I thought that about the one before it, and then he came up with this new one, and life flipped upside down for me one more time. So I wouldn't put it past him to pull even more gold out of that trip to share with us somewhere down the line.)

I don't have any reason to endorse Dan other than true love and the fact that that last post made me giggle uncontrollably for an hour yesterday afternoon.

Hope you all have a great weekend! If you're local, I sure hope you'll have a chance to get out and enjoy the apparently lovely weather we're gonna have. I can finally wash my car! Yaaaa-haaaaaayyyy!

Thursday, November 05, 2009

It was bound to happen.

My brain is dry. I've got nothing. After the events of the last few days, I'm literally blocked from being able to come up with anything to chat about here, so I might leave it be for the rest of the week, and just come back fresh next Monday. It's only a couple of days, but I thought I'd warn y'all anyway.

I might change the way that comments can be left, in light of the "fun" that's occurred this week. But since most people who comment here don't do so anonymously anyway, I'm sure it won't be that big of a deal to anyone. Just thought I'd give the heads up.

Hope you're all having a good Thursday!

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The word you're looking for is: Anyway...

Leo and I are kind of Grey's Anatomy fans. I say kind of because, Lemme 'splain: We finally received the first disc for the 5th season of Grey's Anatomy in our Netflix last week, and we were looking forward to catching up after such a long break from the show. It took a looooong time for it to become available, for some reason, so it seemed like it had been almost a year since we watched the end of season 4.

So we popped it in, and started it up, and realized we had no idea what the fuck was going on. We stopped it, and checked the Netflix info on it, and realized we had managed to skip right over season 4. We'd never seen it. ::sigh:: Don't ask me how these things happen. We're busy people...we miss obvious shit sometimes. Also, I wasn't the one that added it to the que - Leo was. So, as usual, I blame him. (He's used to it, so don't worry.)

We fixed it right away, and removed season 5 from the que, and added season 4, and then tried to get back into it when we got disc one. But after one episode, we were both kind of "meh" about it. We watched the next episode the following night, and we got a little bit more comfortable with the badness of it all, and it wasn't as terrible as the first episode. (Seriously, the acting in the first episode was awful. Particularly by George and Izzy. Bad, bad, bad...I wanted to fast forward through their crap, it was so cringeworthy.)

On Sunday, I was all, "You know what? I think it's like a box of wine. It's like, UGH! The first glass is awful! And then someone convinces you to just try having a second glass, so you do, and it's somehow not as bad as the first glass, and then you start to get drunk, and you don't care anymore. Grey's is totally like boxed wine!" I don't know that Leo's ever had boxed wine in his life, and I've really only had it twice that I can recall, but both times, I learned that same lesson. And it sticks with you through life as it turns out. AND it's a good analogy for Grey's! Ha! Who knew?

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

My former FK friends...

This post is for a select few people that are suddenly coming to this blog to read my posts, and harass me through the comments. Just as an FYI for everyone else that reads here...

Guys, I left over 2 months ago, I think it was? I didn't look back. I thought Terri was going to delete my account, so I deleted all the links to the board, and haven't thought much of it since.

Then, last week, Pricey found it worth her two cents to comment on a post. So I knew that someone other than Terri and Jillian were reading here. Fine. Whatever. I don't know why she reads, since she hates me so much, but I'm not one to say who can and can't read my blog, so it is what it is.

And now today, I'm getting comments from more of you, and I really, really don't know what I did to deserve the venomous attacks. This is what my blog is, guys. It's where I complain about the general public I come into contact with, and talk about shit that's going on with me, right down to the boob yeasty stuff.

I have a meeting I have to go to, so here's all I ask: if you want to comment and tell me what you think of me, then go ahead. Call me Faith, though, ok? If you don't, I'll have to return and delete all the comments you left, and that goes against all I like to do here. But get it out of your system, wherever it came from, and whatever it's about. If you want to, anyway.

I thought I left on good terms. I really tried to leave things in a classy, grown-up manner. So...I don't get this. I really don't.

Monday, November 02, 2009

More reasons to be glad you aren't me.

- I'm about 85% sure I have a yeast infection under my left boob. It hurts. Like. A. BITCH. to wear a bra right now. But guess what? I have to wear a bra, or else I scare people, and push the laws of decency to a point they shouldn't be pushed. I'd be guaranteed a spot on the People of Walmart, is what I'm saying. And that is not my idea of fun, dudes.

The only way I could be 100% sure of whether it's a yeast infection is if I go to the dermatologist. This is the first time in my life when I have something I'm actually too embarrassed to go to the doctor to have checked. There. I said it. I'm becoming a pussy, apparently. Which leads me into...

- I almost beat up a dude on Saturday night because I was sitting at the bar at the Moose, watching the Notre Dame game, the USC game, and the Texas game, and this guy started clapping every time Oregon had a good play against USC. I am 150% sure (this time, no doctor necessary) that he was doing this because I was rooting for 'SC. After almost 2 quarters of this bullshit happening, I finally turned around in my seat and asked him, "I'm sorry...did you graduate from Oregon, or go there at all?*" No, he said. "So are you rooting for them just to piss me off because I'm a USC fan?" To which he responded with something unintelligible, which I kind of interpreted as yes, he hates USC and wanted them to lose, and then I noticed that he was missing a front tooth, and I gave up on even talking to him, because, well...front tooth was missing, yo. And then I turned around and said that to Leo, and the chick next to me turned to her date and said, "That was the most awesome thing I've ever seen!" (I think she needs to get out more, but whatev. Glad I could help!)

That fucktard sat there through most of the rest of the game, continuing to clap for Oregon. Once we were down by 2 touchdowns, and in the final minutes of the 4th quarter, I really had had enough. So had his friends, as I could hear them all asking him to just stop it already.

Folks, do NOT be that asshole. There was no reason for it, it was unsportsmanlike at best, and really just served to ruin my evening even further than it had been. Why? I don't know. I have no idea why that guy was so set on ruining my already fucked up night. I didn't know him. He didn't know me. And all it made me want to do was throw food at him. Or glassware. The bar shouldn't be an angry place to hang out. That's all I have to say about that.

*Mind you, I did not go to USC. I was not allowed to go to USC. I wanted to go there, but during my freshman year at a junior college, we had this little event in LA called the Los Angeles Riots, after the cops in the Rodney King trial were acquitted, and my dad was all, "Nope. No USC for you, chicky. Nuh-uh. No how." [Not a direct quote] So I went to Pepperdine instead. (USC is in south central LA. Pepperdine is in Malibu. I could see his logic...but it didn't keep me from becoming a rabid 'SC fan over time, is all.) Why did I ask the toothless dickwad if he went to Oregon? I don't know. It just...came out. In the heat of the moment. For chrissakes, Leo is a Notre Dame fan, and HE didn't go there. It doesn't matter if you GO to the school you're cheering for. So yeah, that was my asshole moment for the evening. He still won, I think, because he was being such a douchebag over the entire course of the evening, whereas I was just keeping to myself at the bar, eating, drinking, and being as merry as possible. Under the circumstances. You know...with my team LOSING and everything. ::sigh:: Saturday night really sucked, dude.