Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Gobble your WHAT?

Well, this just seems like a bad marketing idea.
Last week, watching t.v. the day before Black Friday was a mine field of advertising for all the big sales that were being planned. But, by far, Old Navy took the cake in grabbing our attention.

If you don't get why from the picture above, then maybe this will help:, ok. Gobble indeed, eh? :D (Although those teeth make things a wee bit more foreboding than they should be, IMO. ::shudders::)


Nuke said...

Wow, saw the ads but never noticed.

But, just in case you didn't know, some guys like a little tooth applied. To each their own, as I suppose there are those that like the dentures out experience instead.

Faith said...

Heehee! Nuke, you always make me smile, dude. I hadn't thought of any of that...sort of stuff. GAH! :D

faithstwin said...

Old Navy ads piss me off. Whenever they come on I tune out.

That's some funny stuff though.