Friday, December 04, 2009

My kind of Friday!

I'm working from home today...which means I'm in charge of my thermostat, which is nice. We have a large move going on at the office, consolidating teams that were previously spread out in different buildings, etc..., so we are staying out of the way by getting out of the office.

Except for my boss. He decided to go in today, since his office isn't part of the move. (Neither is mine, but the noise and distraction is harder to ignore from my open cube than it will be from his office with a door, I'd imagine.) He's guarding his chair. It's one of those ergonomic types, and he doesn't want it to be taken away just because he doesn't have a note from his doctor saying he needs it. I don't blame him...he's had it for twelve years, and it was given to him at a time when the company was apparently doing pretty well, and they were replacing ALL the chairs in his building with ergonomic kinds. Now they suddenly want everyone to provide a note from their doctor to prove they need the chair, and he doesn't have one, and doesn't feel its right to go ask a doctor to lie for him. He sent a note explaining about how he got the chair in the first place, and requesting to keep it, but they said Sorry Charlie! Which is ridiculous. First off, he's an executive. He should have the chair he wants since he works his butt off for the company on a daily basis. (He's one of the hard-working executive types of people...not the lazy kind that tell everyone else to do shit for him. He's nifty like that. :) ) Second of all, he's worked for the company for almost 22 years. Dude should be able to get a golden throne by now, ok?

But since he doesn't have a note from the doctor, they plan on taking away his chair. I have an ergonomic one I snaked from an open cube during the last layoff, and I don't have a note either, but I don't mind them taking it away. The only problem I have with the fabric, cushy chairs I used to sit on is that they seem to get dirty really easily. Which makes no sense to me, because I swear I wear clean clothes to work, so how the fuck is my chair so dirty after a few months? Whatever...I don't mind getting one back, but I will start submitting requests for them to clean it on a reular basis, is all. They really shouldn't have chosen the color of fabric for them that they did. It's a light greenish color...bad idea.

Anyway, I'm off to watch my email inbox do nothing, while I also watch recorded t.v. shows at the same time. It's called multitasking, and I'm very good at it. Happy Friday!

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