Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Quick question...

Why the hell is this Seattle cop shooting story so important to our local news, that they feel the need to update on it every 5 minutes, and even talk to someone in Seattle about it via phone? I mean, I feel bad for the cops that were shot, and for their families...awful, even. But WTF? On KMBC this morning they were acting like it happened in fucking OP, KS.

It didn't. It happened 1500 miles from here. Soo, yeaaah. Not sure I'm getting the significance to our morning, is the thing.

Do we have so little going on here that we need to reach out and look for national stories for interest factor? Maybe there's a robbery in Cincinnati that we should all be aware of? Or a house fire in New Orleans?

Oh, and Donna Pitman needs to go back to broadcasting 101, FFS. It's like she's lost all ability to state a sentence clearly and concisely, and she likes to start all her words with an "ah" sound. It's distracting and annoying. Even Dion's over-attentiveness to pronounciation is less annoying than Donna's word-stumbling as of late. And that's saying a lot, IMO.

I think I need to stick to watching recorded shows in the morning instead of the news, maybe.


Logtar said...

Listening to music is a better alternative than the morning news coverage for sure, or just switch to national.

faithstwin said...

Its been a big deal here, too. In fact, in the OCRegister online they cyberprinted a story saying chiefs of police and higher-ups are warning all forces (highway patrol and sheriffs alike) to take this story as a lesson: just because you are in uniform it doesn't mean you are invincible.

I think that's why it's such a big deal, dude. The fact that this guy went and specifically shot people because their profession ruined his crime-filled life. Any time someone is killed because of their occupation (postal workers, managers who fired someone, abortion doctors) it becomes a big deal all across the map.

I can't see why your news finds it so important that they have to over report on it, though. That is annoying. (One of our local news guys over does the news voice as well as his pronunciation. It's something I'm used to but it's always funny to watch it with someone who hasn't heard him before.) Two people I also know I can't listen to because of their speech pattern: Alton Brown and Antonio Villaragosa. They both use 'um' as if it is a noun. Gah!

Faith said...

The dude was certifiable. He was telling people he was Jesus, FFS! I get the importance of it, especially when he was still alive, and they didn't exactly know where he was, but I'm not kidding...the news I watch in the morning was talking about it constantly. It's like the Tiger Woods thing, IMO. The more they talk about it, the more it turns me off, and just bugs me. I don't know what that's about, but I hope I'm not alone in feeling that way.

faithstwin said...

You are not alone regarding the Tiger Woods thing. You can count me as at least one other who is saying, "Who gives a shit already!?" It's ridiculous.

One story reallllly bothering me, though? That couple that crashed/didn't crash the friggin White House dinner. I have read several articles regarding their fraudulent activities and am disgusted they are continuing to say they did nothing wrong. It isn't just what they did at the White House but what they have done in the name of charity. They should be put into prison for a LoooooooOOooOOooonnnnNnnnnNg time.

Faith said...

I equate them to the Balloon Boy's parents. Those Desperately Sad/Fake Housewives of Whatever Given City on Bravo shows seem to have injected a new kind of poison into the bodies/brains of plastic, semi-rich women everywhere.

But I find anyone searching for fame or attention via a reality t.v. outlet somewhat despicable. So maybe my opinion is tainted on issues like that. :shrugs:

Shicho said...

not to get too pendantic about it but the very first thing the state does is appropriate all legal violence; when one of it's (highly recognizable) agents is deliberately killed it immediately reacts with vigor, ideally slaying the original killer in a very public manner, therby reinforcing its authority.

so, of course they want you to see it. they want EVERYONE to see it.

it's a teaching moment.

Faith said...

Well, I know I feel enriched by it all. ::rolls eyes::

See, the problem is that the people they want to "teach"? Yeah, I don't think they can take a break long enough from raping little girls, pretending they're Jesus, and shooting authority figures to be "taught". It sucks.