Thursday, December 31, 2009

That's better.

I wound up taking a sick day yesterday to sleep and relax, and be bundled up. I feel worlds better today than I did yesterday, so I think it really paid off! Now I can see myself actually enjoying NYE a little, which is a pleasant thought.

I'm otherwise pretty boring right now, so I won't waste your time making you read about what isn't very exciting in my life at this point. (Example: today, I'm going to look for a new coat to replace the one I've had for the past 13 years, that has somehow stuck with me through all those winters and through a gain of 40 or 50 pounds. It's a size 10, and I'm a size 18/20 right now. I don't know how it's working, but I can still wear a couple of layers under it, even. The thing is that it's so old, the buttons cant be sewn back on anymore. And even though I had it relined a couple of years ago, the pockets both have holes in them, and my car keys keep falling out. It's time for a new coat. I love this one soooo much! But it's time. And that is the excitement in my life at this moment. Woo?)

Happy new year to you all. I certainly hope that 2010 is a better year than 2009 was for my family and friends, and wish you the same for you and yours. Unless 2009 was a particularly good year for you, in which case, congratulations. (But no one likes a show-off, so go 'way now, would ya? :P)

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