Tuesday, December 29, 2009

This is just silly.

I think there might be a total of about 30 people in my whole building. I really don't know why I'm here right now. This is how bundled up I am in my chilled state...I have on my scarf, my knit wrap I keep at my desk for days when the A/C is too much or the heater isn't enough, my sweater, and two shirts. I'm wearing my ankle-length sweater skirt and tights on my legs, and I still wish I had a down comforter to wrap around me to cozy me up a bit more!

I have a hair appointment tonight that I can't cancel, or I totally would. I can't cancel because of the salon's new cancellation rules (I'd have to pay for the appointment if I cancelled right now), and also because my roots are awful...they must be done. So I'm gonna take another sudafed in about an hour, suck it up, and go.

So tired. So, soooo tired...


faithstwin said...

"I'm wearing two belts!"

You give a very misleading picture of coziness. If you posted that picture and had a multiple choice answer, cozy being one? I would choose cozy.

The videos are classic. Jake doean't walk or even run in the snow- he HOPS. Youngest said he looks like a deer. lol

Faith said...

Izzy does the same thing, but she rarely goes outside for long enough to get video of it when it's inclement out. She's such a priss...just like her dad! :P

I finally got some tea, and now I'm warm enough to take the scarf off and be able to function. My tongue is burned...but I'm cozier on the inside, and that's all that matters.