Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Um, is it covered in diamonds? Because diamond-coated liver isn't my thing.

Leo wanted to make duck breast with a port wine and mushroom sauce, seared foie gras, and brussels sprouts for dinner on Christmas day.

We got the duck breasts from McGonigle's. 2 pounds for less than $40, as far as I know, because that's what I gave him to spend on it. (Maybe he's using the change to go to the movies someday this week...not sure. There's no way they cost more than a whole duck, which we found at Whole Foods for about $30.)

I just went to Dean & Deluca to check out the foie gras, since it's apparently the only place in town that has it available to the public.

Eighty-five. Dollars. Per. POUND.

The small .4 oz chunk they had available would have been $35. They're getting more in later, though, so in case anyone wants any, get there early because the dude said it goes quick.

You know, I remember the one time I've had foie gras in a restaurant, and it didn't cost us more than maybe $20 for that appetizer. And it was at least .4 oz on the plate.

So what is Dean & Deluca smoking? (Well, besides their own ego, which of course is monstrously inflated to begin with, right?) I dunno...$85 per pound is just silliness. We'll just buy a nice little bit of pate to have with some bread before dinner, and pretend it's foie gras, maybe.

In other News From Outside, I almost got hit in the Town Center parking lot by a small bus/large van as it backed out of a spot, so I slammed on my breaks and honked. Which gave me plenty of time to see that their license plate read "QUIVRFL". ::runs screaming from scary baby fundamentalists:: (By the way, avoid Town Center if you can. Jesus McFUCK, there are a lot of people there!)


faithstwin said...

Hmmm- I am pretty sure Jesus' last name is NOT what you have written down.

$85/lb? That is mighty pricy (or is it 'pricey'?), dude. I would suggest the time you got it in the restaurant it was lower quality as well as bought in larger bulk? But the fact the guy said it would 'go fast'? I just find that hard to believe. Unless everyone in KC is making shitloads of money and living in cheap houses...

Faith said...

It looked really high quality at D&D. I can remember the time I had it in a restaurant, and it seemed really good quality, so all I can assume is (a) I should have invested in duck/goose liver several years ago, or (b) buying it in bulk as a restaurant gives them an advantage.

We are talking about Dean & Deluca here. They have grape fucking jelly that costs $15 for a small jar, yanno? I think they have a tendency to upcharge a bit on their product.

Ms. Pants said...

Fucking quiverers. Fuck 'em! Or unfuck 'em, I suppose. And for the love of cocksucking Mary Magdalene--can the women at least get decent haircuts?!

Anyway.... Maybe check out Amazon for foie gras? You can sign up for that Amazon Prime thing (free, but be sure to cancel within a month or it's $75) and you can get it 2nd day delivery.

Nuke said...

I have o input on the food thing, it's totally outa my steak and taters lifestyle.

As for the van/bus, I just threw up a little when I figured out what the license meant. I really am bothered by that philosophy and worry about my Sister In Law who is a huge Duggers fan.

But thanks to the eloquence of Mrs P, I don't even have to rant. Well done!

faithstwin said...

Yes, I am aware of the D&D portion of the equasion. But $85 is ridonculous.

Amazon has a prime service for food? Craziness I tell you.

I would have guessed that Whole Foods would have been able to at least offer to order some for you.

As for the Quivering van... it clearly isn't spreading like wild fire. Nuke seems to have some very strong feelings about it as does Ms. Pants- I admit I don't have feeling about it one way or the other and actually like watching the Duggars craziness. Those kids crack me up.

Faith said...

But there are SO MANY of theeeemmmm! ::runs from thoughts of Duggar family::

Whole Foods. No. We asked, and the guy at the meat counter took the opportunity to give us a small history of why they don't carry foie gras anymore. (For the record - short version - the CEO of WF got in a "fight" with some animal rights leader dude about 3 or 4 years ago, and wound up taking foie gras off the menu at Whole Foods because of it. Short-short version: people fucking suck.)

And yeah, good tip on the Amazon thingy, Pantsy-Fancy. I'm looking into that! (And I think I'm in for some trouble...)

Roberta said...

I'm pretty sure I want to seclude myself until about January 4th.

Today. 2 pm. Northbound Quivira. Backed up from 95th St. back to I-435. Oak Park Mall traffic. I'm glad I was going south!

Nora said...

Jesus McFuck....That is just fabulous. That is my new favorite of 2009!!!

clw said...

There seems to be alot of people EVERYwhere - guess that's last minute xmas for ya.

Faith said...

It was funny because on Monday, Leo came down to pick me up and take me to lunch, and he was all, "It'll be less crowded than usual, right? Since everyone is out for vacation?" I work across the street from a mall, which was where he was headed towards for our lunch location. And I replied, "Oh, yeah. NO ONE will be at the mall 4 days before Christmas. In fact, this is when the mall is at it's slowest, really." And then I laughed at him. Because that's the kind of wife I am!

Layla said...

Ok, so dude, my 2 cents... what time is dinner at your house??? haha... Yum! ;)