Monday, December 21, 2009

Wait until he learns the phrase "GFY!"

While home for my dad's funeral, I had the opportunity to spend a fair amount of time with the Twin and mine's best friend*. She came to our parents' house on Sunday before the funeral, and helped us with the programs for the service on Monday, and to just generally help us try to remain sane throughout all the crazy that was going on with all the preparations. She is a fabulous person, and believe me, if you don't know her, you should wish that you do.

She managed to stick around through dinnertime with the Smith clan, and she told one of my favorite stories about her son when we were all done with eating, and had officially commenced with the semi-drunken story hour. (For some, it was the FULL-ON DRUNKEN, but that's totally allowed the day before your dad's funeral. Just so you know.)

Apparently, she and her husband were sitting on their living room floor, playing the Memory Game with their son one night. Said son is about 4, I believe. And he is a cutie-pie! Anyway, he was having a great time, finding his cards as he flipped them, memory working away in his favor. Until he flipped one card, getting this look on his face that said, "Oh, I know where that match is at!" And he flipped the card he thought matched with it to find that it, in fact, was not the matching card. To which he exclaimed, "What the FUCK?"

For me, this is an absolutely AWESOME kid story. LOVE. Funny, funny, FUNNY. My friend's husband found it hilarious as well, and laughed out loud, which made my friend laugh of course, and then their son laughed along with them.

Aw...heartwarming, isn't it? Gotta love it when a 3.5 - 4 year old says something like that, with the correct inflection, and the correct context and all. But the thing is, they totally aren't cussers. And I don't hang out with them enough to be blamed for his downfall into ludeness and debauchery, so where did he learn the phrase? Hahahahaha! (I blame Iran, Brittany Murphy, and the existence of celery personally.)

*For the record, I have no idea how to word that...EVER. Mine and the Twin's best friend? The best friend to me and the Twin? Our best friend that is awesome for loving the twins so much since age 13? It's always a jumble in my brain, is the thing.


Ms. Pants said...

"twin's and my" -little trick, separate your two subjects and make it sound correct with both nouns/pronouns. "The twin's best friend." "My best friend." The twin's and my best friend."

Hooray for using my goddamn degree for once!!

Also, yay for swearing kids! (Cos I'm sooooo the devious auntie who teaches kiddos that stuff. Only like like to teach words like "prostitution" and "whoremonger.") I was also the kid that my brother was constantly (and easily) making swear. Some things never fucking change, you know? ;-)

My older neph once walked into the room at somewhere near age 2 and announced, "Sometimes my penis gets bigger than usual. Like right now. Wanna see?" He's 17 now and still trying to live this life-gem down.

Faith said...


Thank you for the grammar assistance. Oh, and I cannot wait to give y'all the update on Leo's work sitch. It's gotten to doozy levels now. Gimme a week, and I should be able to talk about it!

statia said...

The Mini's memory is a STEEL TRAP for language. Any language. He may not process what he has to say correctly, but boy does he have clarity and inflection. My mouth is as foul as my blog, and believe me, it was nearly impossible to curb the swearing when he was old enough to repeat us.

Whenever I make a tsking sound out of frustration, he goes "DAMMIT."

Yeah, if that's the worst thing, then I guess I'm doing alright.

And Sarah, you are NEVER allowed around my kids. I'm just saying.

faithstwin said...

I recognize openly I am lucky my girls either reserve their swearing (if they do at all) to times when they aren't near me nor my loved ones. I know my Oldest says stuff. I've caught her occasionally but she uses 'dammit' around me or says ass or will refer to someone as a bitch...

I know how this sounds. She isn't a daily (or hourly) cusser like her Mama.

The Best Friend is like a sistah to us and her son is 3 1/2. He has two of the coolest parents on the face of the planet. Next to me. Of course.

Ms. Pants said...

Aww Statia, I was looking forward to teaching Mini "Maple Nut Fucking Crunch!"

Nuke said...

I am looking forward to being the one to teach my nephew (and any siblings) to swear.

I figure he will learn to be irrational and self righteous from his Mom's side of the family. Therefore it is up to my Brother's side to teach him to swear.

It's the least I can do to balance things out.

Current favorites are fucktard and twatwaffle. Will probably start more basic tho, I have time to decide.