Thursday, December 24, 2009


I'm working from home today, thanks to my awesome boss being so...well, awesome. I figured that between the weather and the emptiness of the office, there really wasn't any point to me going in there to do exactly what I can do from my couch in my living room. So I texted him yesterday afternoon (he's on vacation until January), and asked to work from home, and he said, "Sure! Merry Christmas!" Heehee! Yay!

With the ability to work whilst I do other things, today, Leo and I are laying our new FLOR tiles we ordered, so we can cover our living room floor in carpeting, sort of. I'll be taking pictures, so don't you worry. The FLOR tiles are so cool, though...we basically paid a good $350 - $400 less for the tiles than we would have had to pay for any other carpet of similar size, so we feel really happy with the purchase so far. We love our wood floors, but we've been here for 6 years. We want a change. So there ya have it.

Happy Christmas Eve, all! If I don't post tomorrow, then Merry Christmas to y'all as well. :)

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