Thursday, January 28, 2010


J.D. Salinger died. I'm sad to hear it, even though I thought he actually died a long time ago, before I was even born.

He sounds like he was a crazy/nutty asshole who was a shitty father to his children. But I don't care. I love my Franny and Zooey, and Buddy, and Holden. I've loved them since I was in high school, and could identify, somehow, with their childhoods/teenage/early 20's lives that took place in the 1940's. I can pretty much blame my strong desire to go to a boarding school of some type to finish high school on Holden.

It's been yeaaaarrrs since I read any of those books. I think I'll pull them off the shelf over the coming weeks, and give them their due, in remembrance of J.D. Poor old dude. Poor nutty, old dude...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

KC Restaurant Week according to Faith & Leo

We're about halfway through KC Restaurant Week, and Leo and I have managed to visit 3 restaurants so far. Here's my rundown up to this point:

Marina Grog & Galley (Lake Lotawana): We went there on Friday night to kick off the whole Restaurant Week experience. Ok, first off, if you've never been out to Lake Lotawana, and need to find your way around there in the dark, do not count on being able to read the street signs to get around. Apparently, they left the choice of print on them up to a mental giant who decided that super-reflective paint that you can't read in any way, shape, or form when either headlights are shining on it or when it's dark around it was the way to go. So we just kind of got off the freeway when we saw a sign that said "Lake Lotawana: Next Left", and then drove around based loosely on my boss's directions once we got into town. (He lives out there.) We still had to pull in to the little market down the street from the lake to find out where to turn for the restaurant. They were able to point us in the right direction, and we finally got there just in time for our reservation. It was a good thing I was moving kind of slow in our search for the proper streets because just as I was thinking about it being a perfect area for deer to be crossing roads left and right, a doe leaped out in front of the car, and moseyed across the street as if on cue. ("Release the deer.") Awesome!

Dinner was lovely, and ridiculously plentiful for the $30 each we were paying. We're really looking forward to heading back out there in the spring/summer to sit on their huge deck, and enjoy the views out over the lake during the evening hours. It seems like a place to order a steak, IMO. Although Leo had their scallop offering, and really enjoyed it. I had their pork fillets wrapped in bacon, and glazed with a hoisin sauce, and it was really yummy. The food came out of the kitchen a little slower than I usually like when I go out, but since it was a Friday, and we were enjoying our wine, we just dealt with it and enjoyed the muzak that was playing. (Ok, I might've been making fun of some of the other patrons in the place at the same time. What do you want? It IS me we're talking about here! Gotta entertain myself somehow...)

J. Gilbert's: I made Sunday night reservations for J. Gilbert's, and the restaurant was pretty bustling for a Sunday, if you ask me. I chose this for one of our Restaurant Week visits because it's relatively close to home, and they have pretty damned good food. I also love the ambience in there...its totally my kind of place. Sunday night, they were offering $10 off bottles of wine, so that was a nice surprise. I don't know if that's something they do every Sunday, or not. So don't hold me to it! I can't find a happy hour menu online, so I can't be sure. They have a pretty decent wine list, though, so even if it isn't a $10 off night, you can surely find something that will suit your taste in a decent price range. I had a petit filet and salmon, and Leo had the shortribs, which looked delicious. He said he could have drank a glass of the sauce that was on them, it was so good. Unfortunately, we'd both had a late lunch, and were relatively full after the first course, so we wound up taking most of our entrees home with us. That left room for me to devour the chocolate velvet cake, and Leo was able to polish off the bread pudding he ordered. Both were effing delicious. My steak, by the way, was perfectly cooked, of course. I don't eat steak very often, so when I order it, I love for it to be as perfect as that. They really know their shit at J. Gilbert's, so if it's steak you want in an old timey, wood and stone surrounded environment, that's definitely the place you should head. We'll be back there soon ourselves, I'm betting.

Cafe Trio: Last night, we headed out to Cafe Trio for dinner. I've always wanted to try the place, ever since it was in it's old location. Now that it's located on Main, right off the Plaza, it's even better, IMO! A couple weeks back, we met a girl through a friend of ours who is a waitress there, and she told us to ask for her section, which was why we went on what I'd generally consider to be an "off" night for heading out. Yeah, not at Cafe Trio! Our reservations were at 6:30, and while we were able to find parking without too much trouble, it filled up soon after we arrived. (The restaurant has vallet parking for $5, if you'd prefer to take advantage of that.) Our friend was serving in the bar, so we had a table in there, which was...ok. The table was a bit small, in Leo's opinion. I didn't find it to be too much of a problem, personally. But the noise and proximity to the door weren't my favorite part of the evening. Still, it wasn't bad enough to ruin our experience, by any means. And our server (Cara) was awesome, so that helped, too!

I was excited about one thing, and one thing only when it came to their Restaurant Week menu: the osso bucco. I fucking LOOOVE osso bucco, and it's made even better when I'm not the one that has to cook it! (Confession: I've only had osso bucco one other time prior to last night, and it was homemade in my oven. It was delicious, but now that I know how it's really supposed to taste and stuff, I can do WAY better.) For my appetizer, I started with their spinach and artichoke dip, which was the best I've ever had, to be honest. Huge chunks of artichoke heart and a really delicious cheese sauce made it tip top, in my book. (Another confession: I've only ever had "spin" dip in one other place, and that was at the Blue Moose in P.V. Since I've only been eating dairy again for the last year, I haven't really been wasting my dairy-eating on shit like spin dip. There are better dairy options to spend those calories on, IMO! Like really good cheese from the cheese case at Whole Foods. And Dove ice cream. Hells. YES.) The osso bucco was absolutely wonderful, although I wish that there were more shanks in my dish, so I could have had more opportunities to dig out some marrow. The one shank that is served in the dish is still absolutely fabulous, so I really can't complain. Again, Leo and I were unable to finish everything we were served, so we brought leftovers home. I can't wait to dig into mine tomorrow morning for breakfast! (Another confession: I like to eat some relatively weird stuff for breakfast. This could explain a lot of my fat ass, but I'm not likely to start eating oatmeal for breakfast anytime soon...sorry.) We will definitely be heading back to Cafe Trio soon, so we can try other things on their menu like the yummy smelling pizzas, and the delicious-sounding monk fish entree they have.

All in all, it's been a successful week. We never, EVER go out this much, so it's been a bit weird in that regard. We don't have reservations for anyplace else, specifically, but I would like to hit Blanc for their lunch menu on Saturday or Sunday, if we can. Thursday night, we'll be at the Blue Moose in P.V. for the blogger meetup (didja know there was one happening there? Because there is!), so we might just eat off of their Restaurant Week menu, too. It's all for a good cause, so why not?

Where have you been for Restaurant Week? Have you enjoyed your experiences so far?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Doing everything backwards

Do you know how annoying it is to have to reset yourself to do everything in the opposite direction from what you're used to? My medicine cabinet door is on it's way to being fixed as we speak, and seriously, it could not be back up there fast enough at this point...I have to move over and do everything on Leo's side of the vanity until it's back up again, and I swear it's like living in Bizarro World, or something! My makeup is on the right hand side instead of the left, I have to take all my lotions and hair products over to his sink to put them on properly, but then I feel it's necessary to go back to my own sink to wash them off my hands. And drying/straightening my hair with the socket on the left is like walking backwards everywhere I go. It's doable, but it's just all weird. Can we talk about the fairness of an accident like this happening to the person in the house who actually needs a mirror for most every activity she does in the bathroom, vs. it happening to the dude that needs to put a little product in his hair every other day in order to get ready? Because it's jacked. up., is all.

So here are some pictures of the damage, as well as the organization inside of my cabinet. Is this a strange level of organization? After Ms. Pants mentioned it in the comments of the post with the hand-drawn illustrations of what happened with the door, I wasn't sure.
It's not like there are specific levels/placement for any items. Random items like neosporin, tea lights, monthly contact lense replacements, and deodorant are on the bottom floor, and then lotions, toothpaste, and floss are on floor 2, moving on up to stuff that makes me smell nice all the way to the left on floor 3, which then transitions into various makeup removers, and then all my contact lense cleaning stuff to the right of that level. And the top floor is all about mah face. From pigment lighteners to under-eye puffiness minimizers, along with my daily face lotion, and a random bottle of replacement eye drops, for when the one on the next level down runs out. ::shrugs:: Don't all medicine cabinets look like this?

This is a close-up of the cracked hinge on the door...along with my Pure Vision contacts on the bottom there. Highly recommend them...they are very comfy.
Here's the cracked door, where it's supposed to connect to the hinge that was still hanging on the cabinet box on the wall. Due to the way the wood splintered when it cracked, there was no chance of us fixing it ourselves.

I don't think our cabinet guy is charging us to fix it, but I'm not honestly sure yet. I also don't know if the guy who needs to stain the new door will charge us for that part, either. In my opinion, since I did nothing to cause the issue, it should all be replaced at no expense to me. Right? Isn't that how it should work?

::sigh!:: Sometimes, I wish I was still a renter.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Disturbing movies, and reigning over the kingdom of Living Room.

We watched "District 9" last night. It was disturbing. As was "9". I was halfway interested in seeing the movie "Nine" while it was in theaters, but I'm a bit freaked out now, to be honest! Not that I didn't know that "District 9" and "9" were going to be thought-provoking and dismal, but dude...people blowing up all over the place? Turning into shramp-like alien creatures? Having their souls sucked from their bodies (albeit hand-made bodies, but still...)??? I could do without all this imagery, is the thing. I needed a good hour of HGTV to unwind after finishing "District 9" last night, and even then, I had a hard time falling asleep without imagining I was surrounded by a ghetto filled with huge, click-talking shrimp-men.

On Saturday night, we watched "Up". While I was dressed as Queen of the Living Room*. As I drank a fair amount of port.
The Queen needed lipstick! She grew weary of the photos being taken...

THEN, one of her subjects somehow felt worthy enough to sit and rest on the Queen of the Living Room's shoulders!
The Queen was not amused.
*We came home from dinner, and after having consumed a few vodkas pre-dinner, and a margarita with dinner, what can I say? My bag full of wedding accessories in the closet looked more attractive than they usually do. So I put them on. And crowned myself Queen of the Living Room. I didn't even wear that necklace on my wedding day because the dress plus that necklace looked ridiculous when put together, so I wore a simpler diamond necklace that belonged to my mother instead. This necklace has never even been worn in public. And I felt it was perfect for a Saturday evening of reigning over the Living Room, don't you agree?

Friday, January 22, 2010

Boot the grime of this world in the crotch...

We started watching DVD'd Better Off Ted last night. I added it to our watch list on Netflix a couple of weeks ago after seeing Portia talking about her character on The View one morning. Why was I watching The View? I don't know. I was at home from work because I was sick, or because of the snow, or something, and she happened to be on, so I watched. I like Portia. Always have, ever since the Ally McBeal days. She's so, soooo pretty. And her wedding dress she wore when she married Ellen? ::swoon::

Anyway, we like the show. It's disturbing, and sorta lame at times...but then something funny happens (usually due to the antics of the main scientist guys), and I laugh my ass off for 5 minutes (the black dude needed a white person to follow him around in order to be "seen" by the remote door/light/water fountain system? It's so wrong, but its so funny! "My white guy sucks." Ahahahahahahahahahaha!) and it reminds me why we want to continue watching the show.

I feel icky today, and would love to go lie down in my boss's office on his floor right about now. (He's not in there, so it's ok, for those of you wondering why I would lie on the floor by my boss's feet as he worked. He left for a meeting off-site, and probly won't be back, so lying on his floor is totally doable.) I started out this way yesterday, too. I felt fine, was having a good day, and then BAM!, everything disintegrated in the afternoon, and as soon as I got home, it was pretty much meltdown time. But tonight, Leo and I are going out to the Marina Grog and Galley at Lake Lotawana to kick off KC Restaurant Week, and I'll be damned if I'm going to miss out on that. I've been looking forward to it all fucking week! So the meltdown is NOT ALLOWED today. Nuh-uh. ::crawls into boss's office and shuts the door::

Thursday, January 21, 2010

My is not alone.

I've recently become acquainted with one Jen Lancaster. I bought two of her books (Bright Light, Big Ass and Such a Pretty Fat) on Monday when I was searching for new calendars in the woefully short-stocked calendar section at Borders in south OP. (Incidentally, if you're into a random variety of dogs, cats, or New Moon characters, that's the place to get your 2010 wall calendars. They're only $4!) Her books weren't in the calendar section, of course. I found her in their biography section. Which makes sense, for the most part.

The thing is, and maybe it's because I'm biased on this or something, but her books remind me of blog entries. Technically, she refers to them as "memoirs" and I guess that's what they are, really. But to me, it's like reading blog posts, except I can take them with me to read when I'm feeling lazy and in the mood for a recumbant bike at the gym.

I've only been reading her Bright Lights, Big Ass book for a couple of days, but damned if this woman doesn't make me laugh. I love it. So today, I'm kinda bored, and I decide to Google her. And I find the link to jennsylvania, which is essentially like a blog, of course, except it's really a whole website for her stuff overall.

But I just got to this post, which she titled New New Moon...and I had to share. If for no other reason than to make the Twin laugh. But other people might enjoy it, too, which is why I didn't just send the link to the Twin in a private email titled, "Bwahahahahahahahahahahaha! Read this! funny! Bwahahahahahahaha!!!" If you haven't read New Moon, or any of the Twilight series, then you might not be entertained by it. But if you have read the books, and have a love for them that straddles a sardonic/serious area in your heart, then believe me, this post is for you. Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Error! Malfunction! Oof...

So, last night, I'm gettin' ready for bed, and everything was going along fine. It was earlier than 10 p.m., I was being good and washed my face with soap and water (instead of going the lazy route and using a pre-moistened towlette thinger from Target), I had brushed my teeth, and I remembered I needed to remove my nail polish I'd put on over the weekend. So I was reaching to open the cabinet that has the nail polish remover in it, at the same time that I was closing my medicine cabinet above my sink (I'm a multitasker at all hours, mind ya), when the door to the medicine cabinet just sort of...snapped!...and FELL OFF the hinges. It's hard to describe, so I went ahead and took the time to draw out a frame by frame depiction as I remember it...

All was going well...reaching for the cabinet door as I closed the medicine cabinet...

::snap, crack!!:: Suddenly, I'm holding my medicine cabinet door, thinking, "Dude...WTF?"
I dunno what happened! Maybe the medicine cabinet door is too heavy for the hinges? Maybe I open it too often? How often is too often to open your medicine cabinet? Maybe this is one of the reasons why, even though they look almost exactly like the medicine cabinets I covet from Pottery Barn, they cost half the price of those medicine cabinets? Maybe THIS is why they cost so much less??? GAAAAHHHHH.

Anywho, I've called the cabinet company that made the cabinets for us back when we had the bathroom built, and they're gonna have my salesguy call me when he's available. The lady on the phone agreed that it's quite odd that the door just...fell off like that. I'm glad it doesn't sound like this happens very often, since they built our whole bathroom vanity, as well as the pantry and fridge cabinet in the kitchen. It all seems really solid...::sobbs::

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ah, a good example of what NOT to do during PMS. Thank you, random stranger co-worker!

At the height of lunchtime, when people are in line for one of two microwaves in the kitchen area you share with them, but the line isn't long enough to chase them to another floor instead, and they are clearly waiting for you to grab your food out of the microwave after it's beeped it's notice of completion on heating your food?

Just a little suggestion...

Do not then stand there, and continue to have the conversation you were having with your buddies, after you stood up with the clear intention to head over to said microwave and grab your food, thereby freeing the machine up for the next person in line to use! That will get you one of 3 things on a day like today: (1) dirty looks, (2) secret, unstated, but still very ugly threats to your currently full head of hair, or (3) an actual swift kick to the groinal region. Your friends are only 4 feet from the microwave, so guess what? They can still hear you if you keep talking to them while you grab your food! Isn't that COOL?

Oh, and the fucker that pretended not to see me waiting in line before you got there? Fuck off. I already spoke up and told one jack-ass that people were waiting on him to heat up their own lunch. Do not push me today, dammit!

::cue Jaws theme music::

I have severe, severe PMS right now. It'd serve everyone well to walk away from me today, and maybe give me some space until Thursday, or so. I'm trying to smile and be cheery and happy, but my effort is consistently challenged by things like asshole elevators. Or a stomach ache that hurts like a bitch for a good 2 minutes, and then goes away, only to return an hour later for a couple of minutes, before going away again. WTF stomach ache? WTF???

So, just don't look at me. Don't drive near me. Try not to cross my path, or ask me a stupid question, and definitely don't voluntarily come over to my desk to ask me something you can ask me either in an email, or via IM. SAVE YOURSELVES!!!

Friday, January 15, 2010


I work in a building with several hundred other people. I know about 45 people on my floor, either through being a part of my team, or being associated with my team in some way or another. I share a kitchen space with about 150 people who are housed in cubes in a similar area to mine on our floor. That means that I run across a fair amount of stranger-coworkers when we happen to be in the kitchen at the same time.

I tend to heat up Lean Cuisines for lunch every day, which can take me anywhere from 4 - 7 minutes, depending. So I take a book in there with me, and sit down to read while I wait for my food to cook. Yesterday, my coworker Sylvia walked in the kitchen to wash a dish, and acknowledged my tendency to be caught reading a lot lately. "You love to read, eh Faith?" Indeed I do! I told her about how Leo bought me a bunch of Charlaine Harris books for Christmas, since I loved the Sookie Stackhouse series so much, and like to take paperbacks to the gym with me as a reward to read while on a recumbant bike after I finish 30 - 40 minutes of cardio on the treadmill and elliptical. "How sweet of him!" And then she left the kitchen to return to her desk, while I continued to wait for my food to heat up before heading back to my own space. I like Sylvia, and know her relatively well for a coworker that I don't work with directly. She and I bowl together a couple of times a year for charity events the company throws, and we also admire each other's wardrobes, even though she's a tall and thin woman, and I'm more of the short, squat variety. She also uses a lotion that smells wonderful, which I really wish I could steal from her, but I don't want to seem like the creepy, stalker coworker, so I just enjoy it from afar!

Today, I was in the kitchen alone, for the most part, until a tall man I don't know came in to heat up his lunch in the other microwave I wasn't using. I had my head bent, reading a chapter I'd had to stop in the middle of yesterday afternoon and hadn't had a chance to get back to before leaving for the day.

"That part of your link?"
"I'm sorry?"
"Is that part of your link?" ::pointing at my book::
"Is it part of my leg?" I couldn't understand what the dude was saying to me, honestly.
"No, your LINK," he said slower and more clearly.
"Oh! No...I'm an admin, so I don't have anything like that to do," assuming that this guy is an engineer, and he's refering to some sort of training that I think I've heard about in passing around the office.
"Oh, yeah. You wouldn't have to do that then. Lucky!"
"Yeah, I guess so!" ::bends head to page again, and hopes the man's food heats up faster::

It's just funny to me that people who clearly aren't all that great in social situations assert themselves into a social situation that simply isn't necessary in the first place. I don't know him. He doesn't know me. We're both in the same place for literally a couple of minutes of our lives, otherwise not really crossing paths very often... (At least, I've never noticed the guy anywhere else before. I guess that's not to say he hasn't noticed me, for whatever reason.)

But seriously...why speak to the other person in that situation? And why not about something silly and easy, like the weather, or something? Why bring up some random training thing that half the people in the building don't even use? Not all of us are engineers, here. Some of us are admins, or support staff working on the financial side of things, or in marketing...

::sigh:: I like talking to strangers when I'm out in a social situation. At a party we meet at, perhaps. Or even in a bar environment, when we're watching a common game and happen to strike up a conversation about it, maybe. But when I'm in the kitchen, waiting the 5 minutes it takes to heat up my food, and am clearly engaged in a quiet, personal activity like reading? That's not the time, ok? Things can only end in awkwardness then. I fucking hate being any part of awkwardness, dammit...

Thursday, January 14, 2010

::basks in the coolness::

Um, y'all? Anne Taintor was apparently here. HERE. On mah blawg to say hello and thank me for writing such a nice post about her and her stuff.

I'm so excited about this right now, I feel like dancing and hooting it up a bit. Which would be frowned upon in my workplace, so I need to store up the energy to let it loose at the gym tonight, if I can manage to contain myself for the time being. ::does a secret little footdance under desk::

If you're at all interested in obtaining a cool-ass calendar for your desk, like I plan on doing for 2010, Anne told us why they don't sell them on the website in her comment. I haven't had a chance to check my local bookstores for one yet, but I do know that I found the latest one on Amazon, if you're interested. (And don't I feel like a wee bit of a tool now for complaining about the cost? Hahaha! Eh-em...) If I don't find one over the weekend, I'll be grabbing one of those Amazon ones, fo sho.

Were you surprised? I was so surprised...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Haiti unbelievableness.

I just read an updated report on MSN about Haiti and the earthquake. Sounds like they were able to get the airport to a point where planes can fly in and out, so that's good.

But then I read that the Prime Minister is guessing at a death toll of 500,000 right now. Which is just so ridiculously sad, it's made me numb to think about it. And I don't even KNOW anyone in Haiti/of Haitian descent!

I "survived" the Northridge Earthquake in 1994 while living in Malibu, CA. I had driven home from my boyfriend's house at about 2 or 2:30 a.m., and remember looking out over the valley as I drove from Pasadena over the hill into Burbank and thought about how peaceful it all looked at that hour. Little did I know what kind of mayhem would rock that peaceful valley just a couple of short hours later, pinning me to my college campus for the next several days, two of which were without any power.

It was "just" a 6.7, although for a short time there was speculation that it had been stronger than that...I think initial reports were putting it at a 7.2, if I recall correctly. (Some of us gathered around our cars to listen to news reports on our car radios, instead of staying inside the building and listening to the reports on our steroes. It was the only time I've ever been afraid to be inside after an earthquake happened. Maybe because it was the first time I was forced to be an adult in a disasterous situation like that...I dunno. Growing up, mom and dad always just went to bed again after an earthquake - hell, dad often didn't even wake up for them in the first place! Earthquakes were evil like that - striking at night when we were trying to sleep, and forcing us to try to go back to bed with a racing heart and a scared brain.) The damage that occurred with it being just a 6.7 was horrendous enough, IMO. If it had been a 7.2, the damage might have been catastrophically different, in retrospect. Each point on the richter scale represents a significant difference as the numbers go up. I remember learning about it when I took a geology course in college, and thinking, "Damn. No wonder everyone is so worried about the Big One hitting!" It's hard for me to understand the science of it all, but if you're into that sort of thing, this wikipedia article seems to hit the major points.

And for those of you in the midwest thinking that people who choose to live in California are shmucks for living under the possible threat that the San Andreas and Whittier faults pose to them, you might wanna do some research on the New Madrid fault. Learn yourself a bit. Oh, and I'm a fan of the technique where you get next to a sturdy object to duck and cover should you be inside when an earthquake hits, instead of under it. Studies have shown that it's more likely that a table or bed will collapse on top of you when debris falls on it, thereby crushing everything under it. If you're next to the table or bed or couch, there's more of a chance that you will remain in a pocket of space/air that naturally occurs in such a situation. True, there's also the chance that you'll get crushed by whatever is falling from above you...but just try to get next to the couch that isn't underneath a cast iron tub, or whatever, and you should be able to crawl out in tact.

My heart goes out to the Haitians. I hope that anyone who has family or friends there are doing ok right're definitely in everyone's thoughts, if that helps in any small way!

I AM an Anne Taintor girl, is the thing. Most women are, actually...

My 2009 calendar at my desk was fucking awesome. It was an Anne Taintor calendar that said things like, "Honey, you couldn't handle half of me" and "Think of me as a challenge" on varying months. I miss it so much! I'm headed off to Target at lunch to buy a better water bottle for the gym, and to look for a new desk calendar. ::sigh:: I fear that no other could ever live up to 2009. Dammit.

My coworker on the other side of the cube wall from me used to come over and see a new month was up, and checked it out to get a giggle. He took it home with him last week, so he could show it to his wife. And on Monday, I heard him calling to me from the other side of the wall...

"Faith. Hey, Faith!"
"What's up?"
"You could be, like, half of the women in this calendar..."
::walking over to his aisle, seeing a crowd around his desk looking at the calendar:: "Actually, most every woman you all know is likely ALL of the women in that calendar, at any given point in time! Heehee!"

Another coworker found it so giggle-worthy, I told him he should check out the website. I hope he did. It cracks me up when a straight-laced, 50-something engineer finds something like Anne Taintor for the first time, and it shows a new side of his personality to me that I never knew existed. ::high-fives self for exposing people to humor they might need::

Monday, January 11, 2010

I don't understand why this is a "thing". Which is another reason why I should probly avoid procreation of any sort.

My girlfriends were chatting the other day on our message board about how they told their husbands that they were pregnant. Before I knew these girls, I didn't really know that it was a big thing to try to figure out a way to tell your husband/family/friends that you're expecting a child. I try to avoid all that sort of stuff if possible. I'm happy when people I know who want to have babies get pregnant, for sure! But that's about where the interest ends for me. Because I'm made of dirt and evil and stuff.

This all explains why my contribution to the discussion was as follows: "I'm thinking that if I ever got pregnant, I'd tell Leo by throwing things at his penis. Just a guess, though. And I'm not sure he'd get it if I told him like that. It'd probably be accompanied by me yelling a lot about being knocked up, so hopefully he'd pick up on it from the yelling part."

Speaking of Leo, he accompanied me to dinner last night at a new(ish) Japanese place over in Lenexa/West OP/whateverthefuck part of town it is called Edokko Sushi. I read about it on (just guess! I betcha know what I'm gonna say!) Fat City last week when they talked about the place having all-you-can-eat Maki rolls on Sundays. Leo and I loooove sushi. But we like nigiri AND maki. I wasn't sure how well a night of just maki rolls would go over for us, but figured it was worth a try, for just $24.95.

Turns out that is per person. I don't know about you all, but even for a fat chick like me, eating enough maki to get my money's worth on a deal like that is ridiculously hard. But still, $50 is a low-end cost for a sushi meal for Leo and I, and so we settled in and gave it the old college try! They include a salad and bowl of soup with the cost of the all you can eat meal, so we started with that. And then we ordered 6 rolls that sounded good to us. Turned out that the 6 rolls, plus the soup and salad and the tea we ordered came to less than the cost of the all-you-can-eat deal. (We must like cheap rolls, I guess!) So they charged us for the normal cost of the rolls, and the soups and salads, and sent us on our way.

Regardless, we really liked the place, and will be back in the future. I'd highly recommend it! The people were super-nice, the service was quick, the restaurant atmosphere was very pleasant, and the fish was yummy, which is the whole point anyway. It's nice to have another option in our part of town that isn't overpriced and a PITA to get to. Can't wait to go back!

Friday, January 08, 2010

Inordinate amounts of excitement all up in here.

KC Restaurant Week starts on the 22nd, and I am losing my mind looking over all the menus that are available to try! I'm thinking that I need to budget for quite a few dinners out, dammit. Because I wanna go to Aixois, and J. Gilbert's, and Fran's, and Cafe Trio, and hell if even Houlihan's menu doesn't sound delicious! (Could it be because it's lunchtime as I'm looking at this list? Maybe. Hmm...)

I did find one menu that was laughable, IMO. The Brasserie downtown? Apparently is only participating in the program for lunchtime. And they will serve you a chicken quesadilla and ice cream if you go there for lunch.

::blink blink::

Maybe they should check out the other menus being offered around town for the $15 price. Dude, even Michael Smith has at least 3 options for both appetizer and entree on his lunch menu! So, Brasserie? Yeah, I'm not paying $15 for your stupid effing quesadilla, I'm afraid. Dopes.

Aside from all those lovely menus buzzing around in my head, I have the newest Ben Fold's album ("Way to Normal") on my mind right now. I don't think I mentioned it when it first came out, so I thought it was worth mentioning now. GET IT. It is fucking AWESOME. There are some bad words here and there, for those of you that might have sensitive ears travelling around with you on a regular basis, but honestly, at least half of the songs are going into my workout mix I plan on pulling together this weekend, so listen to him when you workout. Or something. Just listen to it, is my point. You will enjoy it. And if you don't enjoy it? Then you make me sad.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Where the hell is that breeze coming from???

There's an untraceable breeze in my living room. It's not perceptible at temperatures above 10 degrees, apparently, because I never noticed it before this week. But it's definitely there. I just can't figure out from where.

It's driving me a little mad.

There are a lot of people that are all, "This is nothing! I've lived through worse weather than this, so all you sissies need to suck it up!" And to a certain extent, I get that sentiment, and I mostly agree much of the time.

But like I told Leo today, if I'd wanted to live someplace with sub-zero temps and constant snow in the winter, I'd have moved to Canada, FFS. But I didn't. So I will continue to suck it up for approximately 3 more days, perhaps, before I start to KICK SOME ASS!

You've been warned, Ma Nature! Do not test me, beyotch. ::gives side-eye to Mother Nature::

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Kleenex, I'm going to have to ask you to explain yourself. ::taps foot expectantly::

I have become very close to Kleenex over the past few weeks. Closer than I ever thought possible. And I thought Kleenex and I were pretty good pals prior to now, to be honest. But these past few weeks have gone to show me that I'm a fool - A FOOL - if I thought we had been anything beyond mere acquaintances before this cold I currently have in my head!

The thing is, the cold is almost gone...but the runny nose remains as a cruel reminder of what the cold once was. ::sigh::

Boxes of Kleenex like to confound me about halfway through themselves, is the thing. I buzz through the box, using a good 20 - 40 of the suckers a day, minimum, and inevitably there is a point each day, depending on where I am in the box either on my desk or next to my couch spot or on the sink in the master bathroom, where I reach what I believe must be the middle of the Kleenex box. It used to scare me, because it seems like you're suddenly out of Kleenex. And unless you have the backup box handy and ready to go, it can be a frightening moment to those of us who have a habit of sneezing into a hastily-grabbed Kleenex, or who have (apparently) perpetually runny noses.

And then I have to reach into the box, and maneuver the next Kleenex from it's tightly wrapped position around the remaining roll/wad/whatever that's in the bottom of the box, trying not to rip it, because that pretty well ruins the Kleenex experience, if you ask me. I like my Kleenexes whole, goddammit, and if they can't be whole, well then...there might be some snot in some places I didn't intend for it to be. If I have a whole Kleenex, I'm good to go. Anything less than that, and I have to be careful and cautious with my sneezing and/or blowing. And we can't always be cautious and careful, ok? Sneezes can attack you in a very sudden and violent fashion, so I need my Kleenexes to be on my side in that kind of fight!

Ugh. My nose hurts. ::sniffle::

Monday, January 04, 2010

I'm all about the information.

Some tidbits of info for you all (local folks, anyway) to start your year off with...

- West Elm at 119th and Roe is closing on January 18th. Right now, they have a 20% off sale on everything left in the store, as well as some close-out prices on some floor models of things like coffee tables. I went and bought a bunch of bedding and pillows over the weekend, but plan on visiting again as the end date gets closer, to see if that discount gets any steeper. I will miss them verily. But their lease is up on the 18th, and they figured it made more sense to close right now. They might be back in the future, in a different location, they said. Mm-hmm...we'll see. I'd think a "different location" might be someplace on the Plaza, if they can manage it.

They also said that they heard rumors that Crate & Barrel might be on their way out, too. Iiinteresting...

- I have a lot of kudos to hand to Fat City these days. Their updates on restaurant openings around town has kept me in the loop of some awesome new places, and I wanted to say thanks for the pointers! Last week, Leo and I were going to get some dumplings at Blue Koi, until we got there and realized it was a Sunday night. Doh! We were down at the Mission Farms location, so we headed over to the new Hot Basil Thai restaurant (read Ferruzza's review here) on 119th instead, and had a yummy dinner filled with authentic and delicious Thai favorites. I was in the full swing of my cold at the time, so I ordered the Thom Yum soup at a medium spice level. That cold was knocked right outta me for the rest of the night, I swear! (I would regularly order the soup at a mild level, because I like my taste buds...and my ass.) Lee Chai came out and chatted with us a couple of times, since we were the only ones in the restaurant besides a lady sampling their duck at another table at the time. He was so nice! They were doing a lot of take-out orders that night, thanks to the weather, so it was pretty quiet in there at the time. No matter to us...we liked the attention, and the delicious food was well worth the treacherous road conditions we were challenged with to get there.

Another spot that we decided to check out, thanks to the encouragement given from Fat City, was Cozy's Cafe, on 75th Street. It's right around the corner from our house, so the convenience is hard to beat. Again braving the Sunday weather, we hit them up for breakfast yesterday morning, since I was craving something like hash, and Leo wanted a pancake. Unfortunately, they don't have anything like hash, but they did have a delicious bacon, avocado, and jack cheese omelette that I tried. YUM! Leo got a banana pancake, and after his first bite, he set his fork down, and looked at the plate sideways, which worried me to be honest. But then he said, "Um...this is really good!" And then he went to town on finishing the behemoth flapjack, which he was soon dredging in the remains of his eggyolks from the two eggs over easy he'd ordered as an accompaniment. Seemed disgusting to me, but it's how he likes it, so...::shrugs::

The prices were just right for a Sunday breakfast. And aside from the rude behavior of a snow-clearing, bitchy woman out in a plow in the back parking lot (the front lot was full when we got there, so we just went around back to park), we were greeted with pleasant smiles, and very quick service. The menu is small, and slightly unusual in places, but I'd definitely recommend the place.

Oh, and to all the places that we tried to go to on Friday night for dinner, but were closed because it was New Years Day? Fuck y'all. Private parties for your employees should be held on Mondays, NOT Friday nights. So Sakura out in Lenexa, Blue Koi on 39th, and Genghis Khan? We went to Friends instead. Because they were OPEN. And they had a SHIT TON of customers that night, you losers. :P