Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ah, a good example of what NOT to do during PMS. Thank you, random stranger co-worker!

At the height of lunchtime, when people are in line for one of two microwaves in the kitchen area you share with them, but the line isn't long enough to chase them to another floor instead, and they are clearly waiting for you to grab your food out of the microwave after it's beeped it's notice of completion on heating your food?

Just a little suggestion...

Do not then stand there, and continue to have the conversation you were having with your buddies, after you stood up with the clear intention to head over to said microwave and grab your food, thereby freeing the machine up for the next person in line to use! That will get you one of 3 things on a day like today: (1) dirty looks, (2) secret, unstated, but still very ugly threats to your currently full head of hair, or (3) an actual swift kick to the groinal region. Your friends are only 4 feet from the microwave, so guess what? They can still hear you if you keep talking to them while you grab your food! Isn't that COOL?

Oh, and the fucker that pretended not to see me waiting in line before you got there? Fuck off. I already spoke up and told one jack-ass that people were waiting on him to heat up their own lunch. Do not push me today, dammit!

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