Friday, January 22, 2010

Boot the grime of this world in the crotch...

We started watching DVD'd Better Off Ted last night. I added it to our watch list on Netflix a couple of weeks ago after seeing Portia talking about her character on The View one morning. Why was I watching The View? I don't know. I was at home from work because I was sick, or because of the snow, or something, and she happened to be on, so I watched. I like Portia. Always have, ever since the Ally McBeal days. She's so, soooo pretty. And her wedding dress she wore when she married Ellen? ::swoon::

Anyway, we like the show. It's disturbing, and sorta lame at times...but then something funny happens (usually due to the antics of the main scientist guys), and I laugh my ass off for 5 minutes (the black dude needed a white person to follow him around in order to be "seen" by the remote door/light/water fountain system? It's so wrong, but its so funny! "My white guy sucks." Ahahahahahahahahahaha!) and it reminds me why we want to continue watching the show.

I feel icky today, and would love to go lie down in my boss's office on his floor right about now. (He's not in there, so it's ok, for those of you wondering why I would lie on the floor by my boss's feet as he worked. He left for a meeting off-site, and probly won't be back, so lying on his floor is totally doable.) I started out this way yesterday, too. I felt fine, was having a good day, and then BAM!, everything disintegrated in the afternoon, and as soon as I got home, it was pretty much meltdown time. But tonight, Leo and I are going out to the Marina Grog and Galley at Lake Lotawana to kick off KC Restaurant Week, and I'll be damned if I'm going to miss out on that. I've been looking forward to it all fucking week! So the meltdown is NOT ALLOWED today. Nuh-uh. ::crawls into boss's office and shuts the door::

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