Tuesday, January 19, 2010

::cue Jaws theme music::

I have severe, severe PMS right now. It'd serve everyone well to walk away from me today, and maybe give me some space until Thursday, or so. I'm trying to smile and be cheery and happy, but my effort is consistently challenged by things like asshole elevators. Or a stomach ache that hurts like a bitch for a good 2 minutes, and then goes away, only to return an hour later for a couple of minutes, before going away again. WTF stomach ache? WTF???

So, just don't look at me. Don't drive near me. Try not to cross my path, or ask me a stupid question, and definitely don't voluntarily come over to my desk to ask me something you can ask me either in an email, or via IM. SAVE YOURSELVES!!!


faithstwin said...

I've been wondering why that lady at the grocery store scowled at me unnecessarily yesterday- maybe she has severe pms, too.

I didn't do anything wrong! I was minding my own biz, my cart wasn't in her way, my girls were behaving... I just looked up from my shopping for one second and there was her frown. I was so taken back by it I didn't even try to smile. I just looked away.

Faith said...

Yes, it's probly best to assume severe PMS in those instances. Likely that she wasn't even thinking of you or anyone around her at the time, even! She might've been flashing back on a girl who was wearing way too much makeup, who decided to stare at her while she was on a machine at the gym. That can piss off a PMS'd bitch like me for days.