Monday, January 25, 2010

Disturbing movies, and reigning over the kingdom of Living Room.

We watched "District 9" last night. It was disturbing. As was "9". I was halfway interested in seeing the movie "Nine" while it was in theaters, but I'm a bit freaked out now, to be honest! Not that I didn't know that "District 9" and "9" were going to be thought-provoking and dismal, but dude...people blowing up all over the place? Turning into shramp-like alien creatures? Having their souls sucked from their bodies (albeit hand-made bodies, but still...)??? I could do without all this imagery, is the thing. I needed a good hour of HGTV to unwind after finishing "District 9" last night, and even then, I had a hard time falling asleep without imagining I was surrounded by a ghetto filled with huge, click-talking shrimp-men.

On Saturday night, we watched "Up". While I was dressed as Queen of the Living Room*. As I drank a fair amount of port.
The Queen needed lipstick! She grew weary of the photos being taken...

THEN, one of her subjects somehow felt worthy enough to sit and rest on the Queen of the Living Room's shoulders!
The Queen was not amused.
*We came home from dinner, and after having consumed a few vodkas pre-dinner, and a margarita with dinner, what can I say? My bag full of wedding accessories in the closet looked more attractive than they usually do. So I put them on. And crowned myself Queen of the Living Room. I didn't even wear that necklace on my wedding day because the dress plus that necklace looked ridiculous when put together, so I wore a simpler diamond necklace that belonged to my mother instead. This necklace has never even been worn in public. And I felt it was perfect for a Saturday evening of reigning over the Living Room, don't you agree?


faithstwin said...

I had a feeling alcohol may have been involved with the picture you sent me on Saturday. You looked lluuuhhhvvvely. =)

Yes, that particular Peasant may have been a bit confused due to her previous reign as the Queen of the Living Room suddenly being jacked from her. She was either saying, "WTF, mama?," or, "Ummm, 'scuse me? I know I don't have a crown and all, but I think you are mistaken on this Queen biz." I think she is even giving you side eye!

Faith said...

I tried putting the "crown" on her later, and she had none of it. Jake was a little bit more agreeable to the crowning, but not much. They both suck.

faithstwin said...

So much 9 going on. It's the new evil. Screw 6.

That number in any of its forms will be ignored and possibly reviled by me in the future.

Wait. Oldest 'graduates' from 8th grade this year. Shit.

Why why WHHHYYYY did you want to watch District you-know-what? How did that look interesting to you at all? It just seemed horror all the way to me. Gah!