Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Doing everything backwards

Do you know how annoying it is to have to reset yourself to do everything in the opposite direction from what you're used to? My medicine cabinet door is on it's way to being fixed as we speak, and seriously, it could not be back up there fast enough at this point...I have to move over and do everything on Leo's side of the vanity until it's back up again, and I swear it's like living in Bizarro World, or something! My makeup is on the right hand side instead of the left, I have to take all my lotions and hair products over to his sink to put them on properly, but then I feel it's necessary to go back to my own sink to wash them off my hands. And drying/straightening my hair with the socket on the left is like walking backwards everywhere I go. It's doable, but it's just all weird. Can we talk about the fairness of an accident like this happening to the person in the house who actually needs a mirror for most every activity she does in the bathroom, vs. it happening to the dude that needs to put a little product in his hair every other day in order to get ready? Because it's jacked. up., is all.

So here are some pictures of the damage, as well as the organization inside of my cabinet. Is this a strange level of organization? After Ms. Pants mentioned it in the comments of the post with the hand-drawn illustrations of what happened with the door, I wasn't sure.
It's not like there are specific levels/placement for any items. Random items like neosporin, tea lights, monthly contact lense replacements, and deodorant are on the bottom floor, and then lotions, toothpaste, and floss are on floor 2, moving on up to stuff that makes me smell nice all the way to the left on floor 3, which then transitions into various makeup removers, and then all my contact lense cleaning stuff to the right of that level. And the top floor is all about mah face. From pigment lighteners to under-eye puffiness minimizers, along with my daily face lotion, and a random bottle of replacement eye drops, for when the one on the next level down runs out. ::shrugs:: Don't all medicine cabinets look like this?

This is a close-up of the cracked hinge on the door...along with my Pure Vision contacts on the bottom there. Highly recommend them...they are very comfy.
Here's the cracked door, where it's supposed to connect to the hinge that was still hanging on the cabinet box on the wall. Due to the way the wood splintered when it cracked, there was no chance of us fixing it ourselves.

I don't think our cabinet guy is charging us to fix it, but I'm not honestly sure yet. I also don't know if the guy who needs to stain the new door will charge us for that part, either. In my opinion, since I did nothing to cause the issue, it should all be replaced at no expense to me. Right? Isn't that how it should work?

::sigh!:: Sometimes, I wish I was still a renter.


Ms. Pants said...

Heh. I just liked that you drew everything all neat and organised. After I wrote that, I thought about how someone would see my own medcab. And I think "OCD" about covers it. I've got meds separated into shot glasses, each shelf has a theme.... I need help.

Now seeing your real cabinet, I have medicine cabinet space envy.

faithstwin said...

A THEME? My med cabinet is organized according to the amount of space available between the shelves. If it fits on one level, thats where it will be placed.

That broken door is still confusing me. I can not picture how it was hinged in so it would swing open. I think I'm a little broken or something, too.

Sorry you have to do everything backwards. I have no idea if you will be expected to pay repair costs. Is there some kind of 'warranty' on those? I would think you're going to have to pay something, dude.

Faith said...

Hehe! Themed shelves. Yes, for me, the theme is height, usually. And then things just evolve from there.

They are enormous cabinets, though. That's something I'm pretty pleased with. :D

Twin, the door is upside down in that picture of it that I took. Sorry if that confused you in trying to figure out how it's supposed to connect to the frame/hinge. Does it make more sense now?

faithstwin said...

nope. I'm just clueless about this. I have no idea what my mental block is. Next time I come to visit don't be surprised if I make a beeline for your bathroom and the cabinet. =/

Faith said...

::shrugs:: You're just hopeless, then. :P

Nora said...

Trust me, you don't want to be a renter. At least you're somewhat in control of things. Like heat, and snow removal, and oh, small things like black mold all over your bathroom. At least you can make arrangements to get things fixed instead of waiting forever for a slumlord...I mean landlord.

Amber said...

Sometimes I wish I was still a renter as well! I never had landlord issues when I rented-- I guess I lucked out that way. But the household issues that arise now are so expensive! And always cropping up at the least expected moment.

Ms. Pants said...

Yeah, a theme. What? Like, the top shelf is all pet related. Flea stuff, capstar, blah blah.

Middle is meds. Cold stuff, blah blah.

Bottom (the big shelf) is for "other." What? "Other" is a theme. There's a shot glass with biore strips in it, a couple with different size bandaids, peroxide, blah blah blah.

Also, I'm a pretty lucky renter. My landlady essentially lets me do whatever I want. I've painted, caulked, soon to recarpet, might replace the w/d (and take with me when I leave, like my awesome fridge).... I suppose it helps that I've been in my place like, 8 years and never asked for much more than an ice-maker in my old fridge and never been late on rent.